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How To Handle Academic Probation

How To Handle Academic Probation

Academic probation can mean many different things depending on the university’s policy. Usually it means you didn’t do so well academically as indicated by your GPA and that you aren’t making sufficient progress towards your degree. If you happen to be struggling with your studies and have found yourself on academic probation, here are a few ways to deal with it.


Read and Understand

First, make sure you carefully read the letter warning you about your probation. Try to understand the steps you need to take to change your academic standing. What do you need to do and by when? How will you do it? Will you lose financial aid? Would they make you leave the residential halls?



Ask Questions

If you have questions you should contact your advisor or whoever is in charge of the academic probation letter distributions. Check your college website to see what forms you might have to sign and turn in.

What to do if you're on academic probation.

Devise a Plan

You should meet with your academic advisor and professors to create a plan and schedule that will help you improve your performance. However, keep in mind they can only help so much – you’re the one who needs to put in the work.


Be Proactive

Use available resources such as tutors or classmates. It can be uncomfortable to ask for help but it might be necessary if you want to stay in school. Don’t be over-confident and stop following the plan you set with your advisor, even if you start doing well in your classes. If the changes you made are working, stick to them.

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Reassess Your Priorities

Passing your classes is now your number one priority. You need to do an assessment of your other commitments and prioritize them. The earlier you resolve your academic issues and find a comfortable routine, the more you’ll enjoy college both in and out of class.

What to do if you're on academic probation.
how to handle academic probation
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