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How to Handle a Heavy Course Load

How to Handle a Heavy Course Load

College students everywhere have trouble balancing their course load from time to time. One semester will be a piece of cake, and the next will have you pulling your hair out. I have personally experienced this. In my previous spring semester, I took on more classes than I could handle. I was taking biology and a lab, along with chemistry and a lab, and two other courses that I needed. At the beginning of the semester I thought I would be able to balance my course load, but I was wrong.

Identify the core of the problem

A couple of weeks into the semester I felt like I was drowning in tests and class assignments. And to top it all off, I had tests in both of my hardest classes on the same day, multiple times. I found myself focusing more on one class and neglecting to study for the others. This ultimately became my downfall. I realized how hard it was for me to juggle having to split my studying time between biology and chemistry. But once I acknowledged the specific problem, I could proactively deal with it.

Fix the issue

I ended up having to drop the chemistry class because I just couldn’t keep up anymore. After dropping the chemistry classes, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Not only did I stress less, but my grades began improving because I could focus on one class at a time. If you need to press pause on some of your course load, remember, it’s okay! There’s next always semester.


Don’t stretch yourself too thin

My advice to you, if you are having trouble balancing your course load, is to never take on more than you can handle. If you even have a sliver of a doubt when scheduling your classes that you will not be able to handle the course load, than trust your gut and don’t schedule the class. If you find yourself struggling half way into the semester, maybe you should consider dropping the class and taking it again the next semester, or at a later time. This will benefit you in the long run. Trust me.

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Get organized

When you do have a large course load, and you do not want to drop the class, it is best to make a plan on how to divide your time between all your classes. I personally study a little each day, so when the test comes I am not cramming all the information at one time. Set aside some time each day to go over the things you don’t understand and perfect what you do. Going over what you have just learned is the best way to retain information. If you do these things, your course load should begin to feel lighter and you will gradually feel better about everything.

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