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How To Handle A Cheater, The Right Way

How To Handle A Cheater, The Right Way

Everyones reaction to a cheater is different, but how to handle a cheater the right way should be the same. Show a cheater what they lost.

I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and instead of crying, getting mad, or feeling sorry for myself. I decided to handle the cheater in a more suitable way, the right way. It all started with a red dress and ended with a smile.

It all started out fine, until the weekend came along.

I had the closing shift Saturday night so all I wanted to do was go home and go to bed after work. My boyfriend decided to go to this party that was supposed to be one of the biggest of the year, I had no problem with it because we both trusted each other. We talked over the phone on my drive home and said our goodnights when I pulled into my driveway like normal, I went to bed that night without a worry in mind.

If it wasn’t for social media he would have gotten away with it too.

I woke up the next morning to a chaotic amount of videos and pictures from that party. It looked like a real life project X party happened. People were everywhere and all over each other, you could see all the many empty liquor bottles on the floor in the pictures, and you could also see my boyfriend in a picture with a mystery girl who was very friendly with him. A picture is small moment in time captured, I didn’t want to think anything of it because no one wants to seem like a crazy jealous girlfriend. I ignored it and got ready to go to breakfast with my girlfriend.


“Tyler cheated on you, I saw him kiss another girl at the party last night. I’m sorry. How are you gonna handle your cheater?”

The very first thing my friend said to me, she also showed me a picture of the girl he kissed and it was non other than the girl I saw in the picture this morning. She looked so happy with her arms around him, cheek to cheek, not knowing what a simple picture and post to Instagram could do. I stood there for a while, processing what I had just heard and just been shown. We didn’t go to breakfast, I went right back to my room and just thought, why? I didn’t know how to react to being cheated on, I wasn’t angry, or sad, but just curious. I couldn’t understand why or how someone could just throw a good person away. Tyler texted me that day as if everything was ok, the normal, “hey pretty, beautiful, gorgeous” and that is when it hit me. The only way to handle a cheater the right way, is to show them what they lost.

It all started with a red dress.

Figuring out how to handle a cheater was surprisingly fun. I straightened my hair so it looked like a water fall from my head to my waist. I contoured and highlighted to the gods. I put on gold eye shadow to extenuate the hazel in my eyes and red lipstick, he liked when I wore lipstick because he said I had the perfect lips for it. Then I lotion my arms and legs and sprayed my entire body with the perfume he loved. Finally I put on the red dress (his favorite color) with heels that made me taller than him, he never liked heels because when I was taller than him he didn’t feel like, “the man of the relationship”. I texted Tyler to let him know I was coming to pick up my phone charger that I left over there accidentally. After that I looked in the mirror and I knew how to handle a cheater.

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Straight out of a movie.

I parked right out front of his house and walked up with nothing but confidence wrapped up in a skin tight fire red dress, ready to handle a cheater. I was first greeted by the dog in the entrance way and when I turned the corner to the living room, it was like a movie scene. His friends were there, his roommates were there, and so were their friends. They all stopped what they were doing and stared, their eyes went back and fourth from me to him back to me. I smiled and walked right up tp Tyler and grabbed my phone charger from him, “Thank you” I said. He asked why I got all dressed up to come see him and I quickly corrected him, “I’m dressed up because I’m going on a date, I know you cheated on me last night”. He went back to just staring at me while everyone continued to stare. He moved his mouth, but nothing came out so I took my leave and walked out to my car. I had never felt so good about a breakup.

How to handle a cheater, the right way.

He texted and called and apologized more times than I could count, but I had already handled my cheating (ex) boyfriend the right way. If you are or someone you know has a cheating boyfriend and you don’t know how to handle it, be sure to tell them that the best way to handle a cheater is to show them what they lost. Never give them the chance to hurt you again, never let them see you upset over something they did wrong, and never forget to love yourself first.

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