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How To Grow Your Hair Out Without Losing Your Mind

How To Grow Your Hair Out Without Losing Your Mind

Growing out your hair can be a frustrating and long experience. It can seem that every person you walk by on the street has long and luxurious locks while you’re stuck with what looks like peach fuzz.

Don’t resort to ripping out the hair you’re trying so hard to grow! Here are our best tips for how to grow your hair without losing your mind!

1. Cut Your Hair

We know it seems counterproductive, but you might want to consider cutting your hair.

If your hair has significant damage such as tons of split ends or bleach damage that has your hair feeling like hay, you should cut your hair. This is because the damage will only cause your hair to break off, not grow longer.

With a fresh, bleach-free start, you’re setting yourself up for success as you grow your hair out. Besides, if you’re trying to grow out your hair, what’s an inch or two less on an already short hairdo?

How To Grow Your Hair Out Without Losing Your Mind

2. Take Care Of Your Hair

This means being kind to your hair no matter how much you want to bully it into growing faster!

This starts with shampoo and conditioner. We know it can all seem like goo in a bottle, but consider investing in high quality, salon level shampoo, and conditioner. Your hair will feel soft and smooth and be much healthier. We recommend the shampoo bar called ‘new’ from Lush. This spicy shampoo will stimulate more growth from your hair.

So you’ve bought high-quality shampoo and conditioner so you just want to lather it on your head day and night? Don’t do this. Instead, try washing your hair every other day. Your hair produces natural oils that keep your hair healthy. When you wash your hair every day you aren’t letting these oils do their work.

Next is brushing. Brushing your hair should not resemble aggressively untangling headphones that were at the bottom of your backpack. With wet hair, you should brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Start at the ends and work your way up to the top. We also recommend the life-changing ‘Wet Brush’. This brush will make you wonder why you ever considered cutting out a knot in your hair you just couldn’t brush out.

You should also try not to use heat on your hair. This causes unnecessary damage. Did you know you can blow dry your hair straight with the cold air setting? You can also get the curly look you’re itching for by doing no heat curl methods that you sleep on such as using curling rods or making Bantu knots.

How To Grow Your Hair Out Without Losing Your Mind

3. Enjoy The Process

We know it’s hard to stop looking up ‘long hair’ on Pinterest or Instagram and wistfully wishing that was you. But, a good way to ease your frustration is to enjoy the process. That is, enjoy each hair length that you have on your way to long hair.

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Think of it like this: once you have the long hair you’ve worked so hard for, you’re only going to be able to do long hairstyles. You probably aren’t going to have the short and medium hair experience for a while.

So look up cute hairstyles for short and medium length hair. Try out new accessories like bows and clips and scrunchies. Wear outfits that compliment your hair length.

If you treat every hair length that you have on the way to long hair as worthy, the wait for long hair won’t seem so long!

How To Grow Your Hair Out Without Losing Your Mind

4. Patience

You know what they say, patience is a virtue. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate. Long hair can take months and even years to come. But once it’s there, you’ll be so happy.

Just keep your goal in mind and know that at the end of it all is hair that Rapunzel would kill for. If you follow all of these steps you’ll still have your sanity along with your beautiful long hair.

How To Grow Your Hair Out Without Losing Your Mind

Are you trying to grow your hair out? Comment your best tips for growing out your hair down below!

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