How To Grow A Mustache And Not Look Creepy

OK, so you want to grow a mustache. Great! The only thing? Sometimes growing a mustache can look a little… well, creepy. (And if you have a creepy mustache, you will no doubt end up being the guy every girl dodges at the bar.) So, how do you grow a mustache without entering a dry spell worse than the Sahara? Keep reading to learn how to grow a mustache without all the creepiness.

How To Get Started

The best tip on how to grow a mustache is to grow out your beard first. Since your mustache might initially come in a bit thin, growing a full beard will cancel out any of that awkwardness. Don’t forget to condition and trim your beard throughout this process!

Get A Good Razor

A good razor will be crucial to sculpting the perfect mustache. An electric beard trimmer is going to work a lot better than a regular razor would, so consider investing in one of those. They aren’t too pricey, and they often come with different shapes and sizes to create the exact look you want.

Only Shave What You Don’t Want

The next step is to only shave off what you don’t want. If you shave too much, it will definitely look a little creepy when you try to grow it back out. Shave your beard off in stages to make sure you are going to be happy with your end result.

Take Your Time

It might be tempting to sculpt your beard into a mustache after a week or two, but take your time. If you don’t let a full beard grow out for at least a month, you will risk rocking a thin mustache. (Which is not what you want.)

Find The Best Look For You

There are a ton of different types of mustaches, so look up which one is the best for you! Take into account your face shape and how much maintenance you would like to do. Some mustaches require more upkeep than others, so make sure you know what you want.

Maintain Your Mustache

Once you have created the look you won’t, don’t forget to maintain it! Trim as needed and comb and condition often. If your mustache is a mess, you’re definitely not going to be getting any girl’s attention. In fact, it is a pretty big turn off.

What are some of your tips on how to grow a mustache? Tell us in the comments below!
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