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How To Give Your College Dorm Room A Makeover

How To Give Your College Dorm Room A Makeover

Are you the type of person who has a Pinterest board dedicated to dorm decor? If so, you and I are very similar. It’s fun to fantasize about your dream college dorm room, but why not bring your vision to life? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give your dorm a makeover. Here are some cheap and easy solutions to revamping your college dorm room:

1. Become A Plant Mom

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I have recently accepted my new status as plant mom. Even though most of my plants are fake, I love how they look in my dorm room. Any plant, whether real or plastic, will help make your dorm feel less stuffy. Since most college dorm rooms are small and lacking more than one window, you should try to incorporate bits of nature into your space. If you’re on a tight budget, you can pick flowers you find outside (unless they’re in someone’s private property, of course!). Thrift stores are always stocked with  inexpensive vases, so it wouldn’t hurt to check there for one. You can also find a garden shop to purchase plants from. I’m fortunate enough to have a garden store ten minutes from my school. It’s hard not to go over budget there. Another way you can incorporate plants into your dorm decor is with vines. Vines are such a popular dorm decoration for a reason. They’re a quick and easy way to add a touch of green to your space!


2. Decorate With Vases

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If you decide to become a plant mom, you’ll probably need to stock up on vases. You could go with a basic option, but what’s the fun of that? To give your college dorm room even more of a facelift, throw in some unique vases. I can’t get enough of the ones in the picture above. As someone who gravitates towards an academia-meets-coquette type of style, I didn’t hesitate to add these bust-vases to my shopping cart. Depending on your preferred decor style, you can explore different options. For those of you that like art deco, I’ve seen a lot of swirly, colorful vases on Etsy that fit the aesthetic. If you don’t have plants, you can always use a vase as a bookend, or as a place to store small objects.

3. Keep Your Space Clean

Just a general piece of advice: don’t let your dorm get too messy. College dorm rooms are small as they are, so you don’t want any clutter crowding your space. Personally, I can’t work in a chaotic room. In order for me to be productive, my environment must reflect my need for organization and control. That said, try not to leave your dishes out for too long. If you don’t clean your dishes right away, they’re guaranteed to pile up. My Scrub Daddy influences me to clean my dishes soon after I use them. Scrub Daddies are so easy to use—they wash away grime in seconds. If you don’t have one already, I also recommend buying a vacuum. The carpet I have in my college dorm room collects so many crumbs, requiring me to vacuum it regularly. I feel less gross about sitting on my rug when I know that it’s clean. Make your deep cleans biweekly, and you’ll end up with a spotless room. 


4. Make The Room Your Own

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Personalize your space! It shouldn’t look like a random bedroom display at a Pottery Barn. Your college dorm room should reflect who you are and what you like. The best way to show your personality through your decor is with what you put on the walls. I recommend getting posters of shows, art, movies, and musicians you like (I love my Harry Styles one). Another great way to customize your space is with pictures from home. Take some polaroids or disposable pictures of your friends, family, and pets, and hang them above your desk. What’s a better way to motivate yourself to do your work than to have a picture of your parents right above you?

5. A Good Smelling Room Is A Happy Room

No one wants to spend time in a dorm that reeks of dirty laundry and burnt popcorn. Keep your room smelling fresh! I know candles are a big no-no in a college dorm room, but there are a lot of alternative options. I usually have my oil diffuser run for a few hours to let the scent permeate in my room. Oil diffusers are typically cheap, though depending on how many oils you get, the price can rack up. Another option is to buy a wall plug-in. Bath and Bodyworks has a ton of wall plug-ins and scents to go with them (the holiday ones are my favorites). Of course, you could always just try out the hack where you attach a car freshener to the air vents. 

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6. Forget Minimalism 

I’m sure there are people out there that like minimalism, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to like it, too. Minimalism might work in a bigger space, but a college dorm room is not the place for it. Having a bare, neutral-toned room will only make your dorm look empty and impersonal. College dorms are already so minimal, with their white brick walls and linoleum floors, so try to liven up the space. Decorate with colorful throw pillows and blankets, a patterned rug, and prints everywhere. Buy whatever makes you happy, and not what best fits the Clean Girl aesthetic. Go the extra mile and buy some funky chairs and desk decor. 



Though you might have a roommate you share the space with, don’t decorate just for them. While it’s important to take their needs into consideration, you shouldn’t let them dictate how your room looks. Talk your decisions through with your roommate before you go through with them. At the end of the day, you should focus on what you like.

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