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How To Get The Signature Ariana Grande Ponytail

How To Get The Signature Ariana Grande Ponytail

How To Get The Signature Ariana Grande Ponytail

Especially with summer quickly approaching, learning new ways to get your hair up and off of your neck is a must. Luckily, I got the tips to achieving the all-so trendy Ariana Grande signature sleek pony tail- straight from her hairstylist Josh Liu!

1. Flat Iron

This step ensures that every piece of hair is uniform. You don’t want any awkward bumps or waves scattered throughout the hair. When flat ironing, be sure to pull the iron and hair back, in the direction that you want your ponytail to be. This will help form the hair.

ariana grande hair flip GIF

2. High Shine Pomade

Apply this to your fingertips and work it into your hairline. Again, make sure you have your hair pushed back, prepping for the forming of the ponytail.


This step will glue down any baby hairs that you may have, aiding in creating a more polished look.

Gather your hair into a pony tail. Brush the pomade through so that it is evenly distributed and there is not too much sitting at your hairline.

3. Extra Hold Hairspray

Spray a generous amount around the perimeter of your hair. There is no such thing as too much for this style.

Josh says, “when you think you have sprayed too much, spray more.”


You don’t want any flyaways or loose strands ruining this sleek updo.

Make sure you are brushing the hair spray back into the ponytail that you have gathered in your hands. This will further push down and conceal and straggling hairs.

How To Get The Signature Ariana Grande Ponytail

4. Secure With An Elastic

Once you have the ponytail positioned where you like it, and your hair slicked to the point of no return, secure with a hair tie.


Make sure that the hair elastic is tied tightly, and right against your scalp. You don’t want it to be too loose and then come undone.

5. Put Another Hair Tie About An Inch Above From The Base Hair Tie You Just Secured

I know it will look silly! However, this is the key to getting that really voluminous, pushed up pony that Ariana has.

And- don’t worry. We will be covering this soon, so it won’t be visible.

The small amount of hair between the two elastics will serve as the new anchor-point of the ponytail.


How To Get The Signature Ariana Grande Ponytail

6. Pony Tail Extension Wrap

A pony tail wrap is the key to success! Wraps don’t have any baby hairs at the top of the weft, so it is just a long wefts of hair sewn into one piece. The piece then has clips around the edges to secure.

Insert your pony tail wrap into the new anchor-point that you just created.


Obviously, Ariana’s hair isn’t all her own. Her long, thick ponytail is all thanks to hair extensions!

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You can get these extension pieces on Amazon, or through most extension brands. To best mimic Ariana’s look, the longer the better.

7. Wrap A Small Section Around The Base

Take a small section of hair from the ponytail. Wrap this piece around any visible hair elastic or extension weft. As you wrap this piece around, be sure to hair spray. A lot.


Bobby pin the ends into the pony tail base to make sure it is secured.

8. More Hairspray

Go back to your hair line and hair spray any bumps or fly aways that may have popped out of place.

Use a teasing brush to lightly brush over the perimeters.


crazy behind the scenes GIF by Ariana Grande

9. Selfie

Obviously, after all of that work, it’s time to show off your killer pony.

I can promise you, with a ponytail this sassy, you will feel ready to rule the world. Maybe this is Ariana’s secret to being unstoppable?

How To Get The Signature Ariana Grande Ponytail


Are you excited to recreate this infamous look? Be sure to let us know in the comments if you tried it out!

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