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How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Boys Edition

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Boys Edition

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Boys Edition

It’s not just you, setting up a dating app profile can be tricky. You need to show them the best of you with just a few pictures and a bio. Decisions can be made within seconds which means your dating app profile has to be perfect. This is surely no easy thing to do. Here are some tips on how to get the best dating app profile, for all the single and ready to mingle boys out there. 

Never Put Group Picture As Your First Pic

Honestly, this is SO IMPORTANT because the last thing you want is for people to guess which one you are. Believe me, this is actually one of the most annoying things that guys do when creating a dating app profile. We get that you have friends and really want to show people your group night out pics but this honestly encourages us to swipe left.

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Boys Edition

Nice Bio About You

A nice and detailed bio helps a lot when it comes to starting a conversation. A nice condensed bio will tell leave a good first impression helps you get more matches. Having ‘here for a good time not a long time’ as your bio is just super basic and it just doesn’t work anymore because 80% of the boys are using this. If you are really struggling, try to at least put something interesting about yourself that is unique or even put things like your hobbies will help.

No Kids

A photo of you holding a baby? We can’t tell if you have recently become a single dad or you just had a baby cousin in the family. This is very confusing especially when your bio doesn’t say anything. Quite frankly this is actually very off-putting when it comes to dating app profile. This is definitely something you need to avoid.

Don’t Put Your Size In Your Bio

Let’s be honest, chances are you will be lying about your size anyway. So why put it in the bio? To avoid any future disappointment just remove the size and put in a nice bio about yourself. We will not swipe for you just because you put your size on there.

Look Happier

Some people treat dating app profile as the application for a nightclub bouncer. They do not look happy at all in their whole profile and it’s honestly quite worrying. Are they just trying to impress you? Do they think their serious face is sexy? Well, either way, these pictures actually come across a bit scary and intimidating. More smiling pictures will make you appear friendlier and increase the chances of you getting swiped right!

So please try to include pictures where you look happy so we know you are not a serial killer.

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Boys Edition

No Snapchat Filter

Honestly just stop putting a picture of you in a dog filter as part of your dating app profile already. We all know these filters make you look completely different from real life. There is no point putting them as part of your profile pictures so please do not put them anywhere.

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Keep That Shirt On

It’s always good to leave a little room for imagination. So don’t just put your gym mirror selfie to get the ladies. Sometimes this might have a negative effect as it makes you look a bit too self-absorbed. After all, creating a dating app profile means you want to meet more people so having naked pictures of yourself could be a major red flag. If you really want to show off the abs you worked really hard for, then the best way is to put a picture of you on holiday. It looks more candid and natural that way.

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Boys Edition

Look The Same In All Pictures

Sometimes certain angles can make you look a bit different. Try not to put too many pictures of you looking differently because this will create confusion. Ideally, you would want to put pictures of you looking the same in all the pictures.

No Girls

This sounds weird but try not to include pictures of you and another girl in your dating app profile. It creates confusion as to who the girl is. Is she your sister? Cousin? Flatmate? Ex-girlfriend? Well if you are using a dating app to find a date or meet more girls it is wise to avoid putting pictures with girls on there.

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Boys Edition

So here are some tips for those who are looking to up your dating app game! If you have more tips on how to get the best dating app profile then let us know in the comment below!

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