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How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

Acne is a skin condition that is highly common amongst literally anyone and EVERYONE. It can be so frustrating when you feel as if you can’t even leave your own house because of how acne makes you feel. First of all, let me just make it clear that acne in no way defines your beauty, however, there are ways to be your best self without it! Here are some tips on how to get rid of acne that actually work!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only is apple cider vinegar excellent for your natural flora and overall health, but it’s also great for treating stubborn acne. Just mix apple cider vinegar with some water, dab it on your face gently, and leave it on for about 3-5 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water, and pat your face dry. It’s very important to dilute your apple cider vinegar with water because it’s highly acidic and can burn your face. Use more water if you have sensitive skin!

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is great for dealing with and getting rid of acne because the oil itself helps fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. Just like apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil is very potent so it’s important to dilute it with water. Tea tree oil is the kind of remedy that works slowly, but powerfully. You might not see results right away, but you will be so glad you decided to use it after a couple of months!

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

3. Aloe Vera

In most cases, your acne causes your skin to feel irritated and inflamed. Without a doubt, itchy, dry, and painful skin is super uncomfortable and annoying. Save the frustration, and apply aloe vera to your skin! The aloe vera helps calm down the irritation, soothe your skin, and hydrate it so that it doesn’t feel dry and flaky. It’s the little details that count, and leaving your skin dry will lead to so many issues such as irritation and inflammation!

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

4. Zinc Supplement

This is a remedy that requires you to ingest something, rather than apply it on your face. What goes on in the inside of your body can also determine what happens on the outside. It has been proven that people who deal with a lot of acne seem to have a deficiency of zinc in their blood. It is important to ingest zinc supplements instead of applying it to your face because applying it is not effective!

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

5. Witch Hazel

Treating all kinds of skin conditions and irritations such as dandruff, inflammation, eczema, burns, and insect bites, witch hazel is a skin’s best friend. Using witch hazel on your skin 2-3 times a day will give you the best results, and you will be more than satisfied as you watch those little red monsters disappear!

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6. Exfoliating Scrubs

Exfoliating your face regularly is so important because the scrub removes skin cells that clog up your pores! Clogged pores lead to acne and bumpy skin! Also, exfoliating your skin allows your acne treatment medications or remedies to work better since the top layer of your skin is removed. However, exfoliating too much can also be a problem so make sure to find a balance!

7. Eliminate Dairy

For all you cheese and milk lovers out there who struggle with acne, I am so sorry for what you’re about to read. It is proven that dairy products such as milk and cheese expose you to hormones, leading to changes in your hormone levels, which leads to stubborn acne.

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne

Do you struggle with acne? Have you tried any of these remedies? Let us know in the comments down below!

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