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How To Get Ready For Homecoming In Texas

Homecoming is a huge tradition, especially in high school, and especially in Texas. Every part of homecoming is important. From finding a date to going to the game, and then getting ready for and attending the dance and the pictures beforehand, but especially the Mum. It takes a lot of work to get ready for Homecoming in Texas, and I am here to tell you about that process! Here is how to get ready for homecoming in Texas.

1. Finding a date

Homecoming typically is an event where people attend with dates. At some schools, the even is Sadie Hawkins, meaning the girl will ask their chosen person to go with them. At other schools that is not the case, and whoever builds up the courage first asks the other person. People can go all out for these homecoming proposals, or they do something small during school. Sometimes, these homecoming proposals go so far as to be on the same level as a prom proposal! People can ask anyone to be their date! It could be their boyfriend or girlfriend, their friend, or they could go with someone that they have been set up with!

2. The Mum

Once you have a date, then it is time to start thinking about the Mum. What had started as a small corsage has been growing larger every year, and has now become a Texas-sized tradition. Mums are traditionally worn by girls and are bought for them by their date. The girls will buy their dates a mum if they are a girl or a garter for boys. Some schools sell mums, but some parents are very talented and can make mums at home! Mums are traditionally personalized to the person who wears them! They can have the graduation date, the name of the person wearing the mum, or any clubs or activities that they are interested in. You can put lights, or you can use more than one flower, some are in the shape of Texas, but all are large, some larger than the girl wearing it! These mums are typically worn all day at school on the day of the Homecoming football game.

3. The Football Game

High school football is a big deal in Texas, and the homecoming game is one of the more important games for each school. If you are nominated to be on the homecoming court, it will be announced either during the school day or at the game who each grade level’s prince and the princess is and then who the senior Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen are. Everyone gets together to cheer on their team and prepare for it during the biggest pep rally of the year. Alumni of the high school come to visit, hence “homecoming,” and everyone is in a great mood at the football games, excited to come together and have a great time!

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4. The Dance

That Saturday, after the game, it is time to prepare for the dance. Girls will be getting their hair and nails done, and doing their makeup to look even more beautiful than they already are! The boys will be dressing up nice in their suits, and the girls will be looking amazing in their dresses, before heading to take some pictures, and then heading to the dance! High school dances are nights that people never forget, and Homecoming is no exception. The mum, the game, and the preparation has all been building up to this magical night!

Have you ever attended homecoming in Texas? Have I missed anything? Let me know what you think and how your experience was in the comments down below!

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