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How To Get Over Your Nerves When Presenting

How To Get Over Your Nerves When Presenting

Presentations are a part of the college experience. Most universities have an intensive speaking requirement for your degree. It can be difficult when your nerves are getting in the way of presenting, but these tips will help you overcome your fear.


The old saying is practice makes perfect. Which is true. When it comes to presenting practice helps your presentation sounds more natural. If you have ever seen a presentation where the presenter is standing in front, and all they are doing is reading a notecard or a paper, then it could mean that they did not spend enough time practicing. Practice until you can commit your entire presentation to memory or enough where you can glance at your note cards occasionally. With all the practice, you will be able to add to your personality, making the presentation your own. When something is your own, it helps to take away some of the fear.

Tip: If you have access to the room that you are presenting your presentation. Then take the opportunity to practice in the room and know how the technology works if you are sharing a presentation. By doing this, you will lower your fear when presenting your presentation.



Sometimes the acknowledgment that you have fear about presenting is one way to calm your nerves. Verbalizing the things that you struggle with is a great way to reasoning the anxiety so that you can begin figuring out ways to calm your nerves.


I know that it sounds weird to do because you are breathing every day. Regardless of that, deep breathing has its benefits when presenting your presentation. Deep breathing has several different benefits. It can slow down your heart rate, calms you down, and provides oxygen to your brain. Once you are calm, then you will be able to speak with confidence when presenting. Showing everyone what you have to say is important and deserves their undivided attention.


Tip: The 4-7-8 technique is a breathing exercise that will lower stress and anxiety. All you have to do is breathe out until your lungs are empty of air. Then breathe in through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for a count of seven seconds. Then exhale at a count of eight seconds. Just repeat the exercise two to three times.


As previously stated, practicing is important in being able to get over your nerves when presenting. Toastmasters is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping people become public speaking. There are locations all over the United States. The website has a location locator to find you a place that is nearby and works in with your schedule. This is an opportunity to present and get good feedback on the way to make your presentation better. Through improving your public speaking skills, you will be reducing your fear, making you a strong presenter.


Alternative: If you are not able to go to a Toastmasters to practice your public speaking skills, you can either practice presenting in front of a small group of friends or classmates. They can then give you some feedback to figure out ways that you can improve before the big presentation. Giving you the practice that you need to helping you not be fearful of presenting. Also, some schools offer speaking center services where you can practice and get feedback from the train staff. They often can give you even more tips and places that you can improve on. If neither of these options is available to you, then you can always record yourself presenting and try to critique yourself from the video. There are several ways that you can practice, make sure you are ready to present.

Visualize Success

We all need some positivity when you are presenting. Visualizing success helps reduce your anxiety. When you are visualizing your presentation going well, then it will more likely happen because when you see yourself completing something challenging with confidence, it will happen.


Organize Your Presentation

There is a certain amount of preparation that goes into presenting. Getting organized is one way to help remove the fear that you might have with your public speaking. Find your topic. Do the research. Figure out what you want to present. All the prep work will help you become more confident in presenting your presentation.

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Drink Water

A common reaction to anxiety is dry mouth making it difficult to present. Changing your focus from your presentation to being thirsty. Drink plenty of water before you begin presenting and have a bottle nearby to keep you hydrated. Drinking water occasionally through a presentation can help you calm down when your fear rises and help you to slow down when presenting. Letting the audience well receives your presentation.



Smiling during a presentation can help to relieve fear when presenting. It helps by giving you a boost of confidence and shows the audience your passion for the subject and knowledgeability. Leading to the audience to be more willing to engage with you while your presenting. There is nothing worse than seeing blank faces. If you can get the audience engaged with the presentation, it will diffidently remove the fear.


Exercising has always been a way that can be used to relieve stress, and can do the same thing right before presenting your presentation. You do not have to go and do a full workout before presenting a brisk walk around the building where you are presenting will suffice. A brisk walk can help the circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain, alleviating stress, and get you ready to show the audience you know what you are talking about.


Presenting a presentation can bring up a lot of unwanted fear and anxiety, but these tips and tricks can help you present with ease. Try one or all of the tips and tricks during your next presentation, and you see better results in the way you present.

Tell us in the comments, how do you get over your fear when presenting? Or Which of these tips will you consider trying the next time you are presenting?

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