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How To Get Over A Bad Break Up

How To Get Over A Bad Break Up

How To Get Over A Bad Break Up

Everyone has had a bad break up in their life, and if you say you haven’t, you’re lying to yourself and you probably buried yourself in ice cream and movies to forget. Take a look at our top tips on how to get over a bad break up.


If your partner ever gave you anything such as cuddly toys, chocolates or presents and you’re staring around your room at everything that reminds you of them, then it’s time to declutter. Either put their stuff at the back of the closet until the day you can look at it again. Or chuck it on a fire and burn it all. You could donate your gifts or just give them to someone else. Getting rid of things associated with that person is a therapeutic way of banishing them from your life.

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Take Up A New Hobby

Did you and your partner always go to the gym together? Or the movies? Did you have hobbies and groups you went to but no longer can in fear they’ll be there or someone will ask about them? Take up a brand new hobby; it will take your mind off of them but also help you make new friends and try something new.

Write Letters

If you want to just shout and yell at them for what they’ve done for you but you just can’t, then write a letter, or fifty. Write them all to him or her and never send them. It’s a great way to get your emotions out on paper and to see how you really feel.

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Trust Your Friends

We all have someone we want to vent to about a bad break up and who will instantly buy us ice cream and hold our hair back when we’ve got too drunk to cope. Friends will be there when you most need them. You can ask them to trash talk about your ex to make you feel better or just cry and remember what you had together. Even though your ex isn’t there for you, your best friends always will be.

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Binge Watch

In the first few stages of a bad break up, it’s important to wallow. You have to eat ice cream and cry and binge watch your favourite series. It won’t always make you forget but it will help you take your mind off of the situation for a while.

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Remember Things Get Better

How you’re feeling now is probably really shitty and it sucks. But you have to remember you won’t always feel this way and there will be someone else who comes along and sweeps you off your feet when you’re ready. If something is meant to be, it will be.

We hope these tips are helpful to you for getting over your bad break up.

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