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How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

Instagram is increasingly continuing to take a toll on people’s engagements, no wonder why a majority of people are switching their updates and activities to Instagram stories. According to a survey conducted by TechCrunch, Instagram stories have almost doubled in number as compared to Snapchat. 

However, all this is more than just a way to connect with other people. Your constant updates will impact the performance of your posts in the Instagram algorithm. This means that increased interaction between the users and your Instagram stories is likely to pop your post in the user’s feed. 

With masses switching to Instagram and several taking it up as a profession, it can get very competitive to stay at par with everyone else. Trying these ways and features will help you attract more eyes to your story. 

Use all features

The system is designed in a way to promote more usage. Every little bit contributes towards getting a higher position of your story in people’s feed. 

Spending more time viewing your content is a factor to determine the popularity of your post. Instagram is great at updating its features every few months, even weeks! 

You can see most of the features under the sticker icon on the top-right corner where you add a story from. You may creatively use the option of adding GIFs, stickers, locations, and hashtags as much as possible. This will help attract the eye of your audience, keeping them engaged by giving them a reason to invest more time in your Instagram stories. 

Instagram has also come up with a new “type” feature that allows the users to share their stories in creative style text and backgrounds. To switch to this mode, open your camera and look for the type button at the bottom of your screen. 

How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

Encourage audience interactions

Audience attraction and interaction is the key to a successful Instagram story. Interaction on your stories, replies and DMs of your story to other users will be beneficial for the popularity of your video. 

Make use of the poll feature to interact with your viewers at a greater level. These interactive poll stickers give you the option to ask questions and get all the results from your followers as they vote.

This can prove to be a beneficial feature especially when you need general feedback on your products, ideas, or simply for the purpose of entertainment. This will help you build a greater relationship with your audience and grow your reach on this platform. 

Using interactive language like “DM me for a direct link to this product” is a great way to stay connected, and driving people to your inbox, eventually helping your posts gain more popularity. 

Usually, the stories that you will see on the top of your feed is from the accounts that you engage with, may it be posts of the users or their stories. 

How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

Add links to your Instagram stories

Yes, you can also add links to your Instagram story. Instagram has finally added the option to do so that is a blessing to many. 

Currently, this feature is only available to the Instagram Business profile with 10K+ followers. Anyone who meets the requirements can add a swipe up feature to their story, adding a link to it to drive more traffic to your page, campaign, blogs, etc. 

How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

Add hashtags & location stickers to your Instagram stories

Instagram keeps coming up with new features at regular intervals. Adding hashtags and location stickers to stories is a relatively recent addition. People will be able to look for your story by searching for that hashtag and location. 

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This gives you the opportunity to spread and showcase your story to a wider audience, and if they like it, they might as well start to follow you. 

You can add a location to your post by clicking on the location sticker on typing the location of your story. This will also direct your story on the top of the search results for that area. Adding a hashtag is also just as easy. You may either simply type it out or use the hashtag sticker to make use of the feature. 

You can also track who watched your story by finishing you through hashtags or location. Instagram will send you a notification if your story is added to the search results of a particular area. 

How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

Track your success with Instagram stories analytics

This is a great feature to help you customize and improve your posts to cater to the needs of your audience. 

This is a feature available to the Instagram Business Profile that also helps you view the analytics of your stories which is very helpful. Having a clearer understanding of what works and what doesn’t for the popularity of your stories will help you fine-tune your strategy and save you time and effort. 

To use this feature, look for the Insight icon on the top right corner of your screen. Then scroll down and click on the “Get Started” option. You will now have access to several metrics related to your story like its impressions, reach, and other related metrics. 

Instagram Stories Analytics also lets you know of who is viewing your posts, and who is sticking around or swiping away to help you optimize your stories strategy. 

How To Get More Attention On Your Instagram Story

Let us know how you draw more attention to your Instagram story in the comments below. 

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