How To Get Fuller Lips That Will Leave People Shook

Sick of having small lips? Discover how you can make your lips look fuller and more plush instead of investing all your hard-earned money on lip fillers.

1. Exfoliate your lips

Like your skin, you should exfoliate your lips on a regular basis to get rid of any dryness or flakiness. The most easiest way to do this is by brushing your lips with a toothbrush, but you can always invest in a great lip scrub such as Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator, which is infused with brown sugar crystals and moisturizing shea butter.  If you feel adventurous, you can even make your own lip scrub using a few, commonly found kitchen ingredients. Your lips will be left looking full and plush! Best of all, your lipstick will apply much more smoothly!

How To Get Fuller Lips That Will Leave People Shook

2. Fake it until you make it

Way back in 2014, before Kylie Jenner got her famous lip fillers, she used a secret makeup trick to make her lips look much fuller: lip liner. But this makeup trick can go wrong easily if you don’t apply the lip liner correctly. Start off by using the right color lip liner; it should be a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. Then, in light strokes, trace the edge of your lips. Next, create three vertical lines on your bottom lip and your top lip. This will give the illusion of fuller lips. Then, blend the lines, or fill in your lips with lip liner. Seal with lip gloss, and voila! You are left with plush lips!

How To Get Fuller Lips That Will Leave People Shook

3. Use a Lip Plumper

We are fortunate to live in the day and age where lip plumper exist. However, you have to be careful selecting one because some lip plumpers can leave your lips dry and irritated instead of soft and pillowy. Instead, look for lip plumbers that have hyaluronic acid or collagen listed as ingredients. A great lip plumper to try is Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion.

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4. Ditch any dark lipsticks

Nude lipsticks actually make your lips look bigger versus dark lipsticks that can leave you with that “granny” look. You can even contour your lips with two different nude lip colors to add more dimension to your lips. First, apply one nude lip color on your lips and then use a lighter nude lipstick only in the middle of your lips.

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5. Keep your lips hydrated

Yes, this sounds like a no-brainer, but lip balm not only combats chapped lips, but it also helps keep your lips hydrated. When your lips are dehydrated, they shrivel up. And you are in luck because you can buy lip balm practically anywhere, whether it is at the illuminated aisles of Sephora, or next to the magazine stand at your local gas station. As an important side note, some lip balms also double as a lip plumper such as Drunk Elephant’s Lippe Balm.

How To Get Fuller Lips That Will Leave People Shook

6.  Use concealer under your lipstick

Concealer can serve as an excellent base for lipstick, but more importantly, it is also helps make your lipstick look nicer and your lips fuller. All you have to do is lightly pat concealer on your bare lips and then swipe on your favorite lip color. The edges of your lips with look smoother, and your lipstick will stay on longer!

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7. Use lip gloss

This trick is beyond simple. Just a small amount of lip gloss in the center of your lips can magically make your lips look more fuller. And for those who cannot aptly apply lip liner, this trick is foolproof!

Do you have any tricks on how to get fuller lips? Share with a comment below!
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