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How To Get Fit At Home Without Hassle

How To Get Fit At Home Without Hassle

When exercise, diet, sleep, and mental health seem impossible how do we get fit at home without the hassle? We scoured the internet to help you to get the best options.

(note: We are not doctors, please contact a local health care provider for any lifestyle changes) 

1. Exercise

Gyms are expensive, exercising is time consuming, and honestly getting motivated feels insurmountable. How then do we exercise and get fit at home?


The trick to exercising at home is getting active. Instead of thinking of exercise as an activity you only at the gym think of it as apart of your life.

Here is my list for using exercise to get fit at home:

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Walk to the mailbox everyday.

Sit on an exercise ball while you watch TV.

Pick up take out, instead of delivery (bonus if you walk there).


Park far away from your house.

Try to take all the bags in one trip, or take one bag at a time for more cardio.

Deep clean your house (especially your tub).


Before your shower and after your shower do 10 Push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 10 jumping jacks.

Moving is exercise as long as your heart rate is up. Getting fit at home is simple if you don’t think of it like exercise and just making your life a little bit more active.

How To Get Fit At Home Without Hassle


2. Diet

Diet is a straight challenge at home. Why eat healthy when Grubhub and Door dash can drop off that cheesy melty pizza?

Making your diet hassle free is essential to getting fit at home. Think few, clean ingredients and plan ahead.

Here is my list for eating healthy to get fit at home:


Meal Prep, there are tons of options on Pinterest.

Throw out or give away all your super unhealthy food.

Try to buy food with less than 8 ingredients.


Don’t order out (which saves money too).

Eat on a small plate.

Only snack on healthy things while watching TV (such as broccoli).


Eat desert twice a week, not every night.

Drink water and sparkling water only while you’re at home

These are just some ideas to get you started. It’s all about changing your mindset about the type of foods you ingest. You don’t have to be hungry, or constantly counting calories to be fit at home.


How To Get Fit At Home Without Hassle


Sleep is the one part of health many people skip over. They think it’s impossible to get more sleep with how busy our schedules are. Sleep is something that needs a priority, after all it’s the easiest way to get fit, because all you have to do is well…sleep.

Changing your sleep habits can revolutionize your waking life. Getting the proper amount of sleep can also make your metabolism go up and your mood swings go down.


Here is my list for how to get your sleep schedule on track so you can accomplish your health goals: 

Sleep in a dark room. (get black out curtains if there is a light outside)

Get a sound machine app.


Meditate right before bed.

Write down all thoughts and feelings.

Try to go to bed at the same time every night (even weekends).


Wake up at the same time everyday

See Also

Use a sleep calculator to get the recommended amount of sleep.


Keep the room a moderate temperature

Do the same night time routine every night (such as wash face, brush teeth, etc.)

Just trying to get better sleep is a great place to start when on the journey to getting fit at home. Try one thing at a time and find what works best for you.


How To Get Fit At Home Without Hassle

4.Mental Health

While mental health has become a more accepted subject to talk about, mental health concerns should be talk to with a doctor. There are however a few things that everyone can benefit from doing to get mentally fit at home.

Here is my list for getting mentally fit at home with out hassle:


Online therapy.

Journaling anything and everything.

Meditating whenever possible (Headspace is a great app for getting started).


Keeping a hygienic schedule (this is great for showering, when life gets overwhelming).

Low key activities like watering plants, reading and puzzles.

Learning a new language or skill.


Talking to friends or family on the phone.

Cleaning your room.

Working on creating space in your life to breath, can significantly help your overall health and fitness. These ideas are super basic and are a great place to begin when starting out on your fitness journey.


How To Get Fit At Home Without Hassle

Talk to your doctor if you are struggling to find a hassle free way to get fit that works for you at home. 

Do you have any ideas on how to get fit at home without hassle? Let us know in the comments if you do!

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