How To Get Beach Waves This Summer

With summer almost in full swing, beach waves are a hot trend everything. In fact, I don’t think they ever went away. Beach waves are a very subtle way to look effortlessly cool, and with minimal work to achieve the look to boot. Below I’ve shared four of my favourite ways to get beach waves this summer!

Beach Waves In A Hot Second (Minus The Heat)

In a rush and need a quick way to make your hair look put together yet effortless? Well, a sea salt spray might just be the answer to your haircare prayers. Sea Salt sprays are a perfect way to get beautiful, soft beach waves without a curling or flat iron. Just spritz the spray into your wet hair and gently scrunch! Yes, it is that easy.

If you’re having a mediocre hair day and need a quick solution to give your locks a little oomph, like me today, spritz a bit into your dried hair and tousle. Even though the sea salt works best on damp hair, I’ve used it on dry hair too. Just be a bit more sparing with application to avoid any crunchy strands, and you’ll have beachy waves in no time! The beauty of this product is that it will use the texture and consistency of your own hair to help make your waves, with the salt as an activator.

2. Using A Curling Iron

Using a curling iron is another great way to get beautiful beach waves, especially if your hair is naturally straight. Any old curling iron would work, using it like you would a curling wand (without the clamp), but Amazon actually has a curling iron specifically for creating beach waves called ‘The Beachwaver’ curling iron, by Beachwaver Co. They come in a few different sizes, making the product a great choice for all hair types and lengths.

To get very subtle beach waves, those with short hair might go for a smaller barrel so as to make curls relative to your hair length, just as those with longer hair would want a larger barrel. Since the curling iron will determine the kind of curl you get, just figure out what you want your beach waves to look like and use the right iron accordingly. Spray with a little bit of hairspray, tousle and you’re good to go!

3. Using A Flat Iron

When I first figured out how to use a flat iron to curl my hair, several years back, I was astounded at how good my hair could look using something that seems counterintuitive to the product that you want (i.e. a straight iron to curl your hair). But it really does work, and if you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to give it a try.

The only caution is to ensure that you are using a straight iron that has a more rounded edge on either side, rather than an entirely straight line; this will allow you to achieve the soft look you want without crinkles.

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Rather than curling your hair around a wand as you would with a curling iron, create the wave as you move the flat iron down your hair, bending each strand of hair in the opposite direction of your iron and tapping along the way to avoid too much heat in one spot. I’d recommend spritzing with a bit of hairspray to finish the look since your waves will be less defined using a flat rather than a curling iron.

4. Loose Braids

This trick is one I like to do when I’m uber lazy and especially when I’ve washed my hair right before bedtime. I thought, “Why not take advantage of my wet hair and style it as I sleep?” Less work in the morning and my hair dries. Score! I would recommend braiding your hair very loosely to accomplish soft beach waves unless you want your hair to be on the crimped side.

I have also found that when I put my hair in braids while in a hot yoga class, the heat ‘curls’ my hair just enough to make it look tousled without looking messy. It’s now become one of my favourite ways actually to naturally achieve those summer beach waves! The beauty of this trick is that it works for all types of hair; the braids don’t have to look likely braids necessarily if your hair is on the shorter side. You’ll still get some wave to it the next morning.

Have you tried beach waves? Which is your favourite way to achieve these beautiful summer waves? Share your experiences below!

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