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Here’s How To Follow Up After An Interview, The Right Way

Here’s How To Follow Up After An Interview, The Right Way

The interview is the last big step, but it isn't the end of the line. Here is how to follow up after an interview so you can really secure that position!

You nailed the application. Then you killed the interview. Now you get the job! Right? Not quite… First, they have to go through everyone they’ve interviewed and decide who is the best candidate for the position. You need them to decide that that’s you. Your work isn’t quite over yet, so here is exactly how to follow up after an interview to make yourself the one that they want.

1. Give it a little time

It may be tempting to run right home and shoot out a quick email, but that is actually counter productive. By sending an email right away, you take away your chance to send them another follow up. You can’t send two separate emails, because there simply isn’t enough information to convey. Instead, wait a few days. If they told you that they would be interviewing people through Friday, then email them Monday morning. You want your name to stick in their heads.

Here's how you should follow up after an interview!

2. Use good language

Manners are everything in the world of former follow ups. In addition to having a formal form of address, a body paragraph and a professional sign off, you need to use the right vocab. Instead of saying “thanks for meeting with me,” say “I appreciate you and Mrs. X taking the time to interview me last Thursday.” By adding a little more time and effort, you really show that you care and that this is important to you.

Here's how you should follow up after an interview!

3. Be specific

Show them that you remember the interview and that this isn’t just one of fifty companies you’re applying to. Reference specific topics of discussion from the interview, or the application process. In the interest of this, take notes as soon as you get out of the interview. Jot down things you’ll want to bring up later.┬áIf you’re trying to figure out how to follow up after an interview it’s best to start early. Like, immediately after the interview.

4. Reinforce your contact information

At the end of the email leave them all of your contact info, even if they already have it. Let them know which way is best to reach you, and emphasize that you’ll be awaiting their answer eagerly.

Here's how you should follow up after an interview!


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5. Set a timeline

Without being too pushy, it’s important to outline a timeframe. If they said they would get back to you by the end of next week, throw in a “I look forward to hearing from you next week.” This is a gentle way of ensuring that you don’t get ignored, and that everything stays on track.

6. Have a professional sign off

Your traditional “-Your Name” isn’t gonna cut it in this context. Instead, opt for a more professional sounding “All the best,” or “Sincerely.” It may feel funny and sound a little stilted, but it is so much better to err on the side of caution than to come off too glib.

Here's how you should follow up after an interview!

7. Re-follow up

This may seem excessive, but it is actually quite necessary, and most likely the quid-pro-quo if it’s an office position. If the deadline they were supposed to answer by has come and gone with no reply, it is perfectly acceptable to follow up again. It can’t hurt if they weren’t planning on hiring you (and you might get a firm answer instead of having to sit around waiting). If they did like you, they may have just forgotten or gotten busy with some other work. By staying on it, you may get a position that would have otherwise gone unfilled for another round of applicants.

What are your strategies for how to follow up after an interview? Let us know in the comments!

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