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How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

How exactly do we fix makeup accidents when they appear to almost ruin our hard work? First, we must stay calm because most makeup accidents can be easily fixed with some finessing. So pull out your powder, brushes, and clean beauty blender because with these tips your makeup will be back on the mend!

1. Creasing & Smile Lines

As your makeup wears it could settle into smile lines or crease in places like under your eyes. While doing your makeup, after you’ve applied concealer and foundation make sure you use powder to set that area, but while the powder is sitting on the skin beware of creasing.

If you’ve been wearing your makeup for a couple of hours smile lines could appear. Bring pressed powder like the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Pressed Powder and a small beauty blender in your purse, pull it out when the smile lines begin to settle and use the beauty blender to press out the lines.

How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

2. Overlining The Lips Too Much

We’re all culprits of overlining too much and wishing we could work backward. Always use a lip liner to decrease the possibility of this makeup accident. However, if it still happens then pick up a small concealer brush, your favorite concealer, and a beauty blender. Line the corners of your lips with the tiny bit of concealer like a lip liner would. Lightly tap along the edges with the beauty blender finishing off with a little powder to make sure nothing moves. This should help clean up and act as a lip liner if you don’t have one!

How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

3. An Excess Of Highlight

Sometimes we forget how much of a heavy hand we can have when having fun doing makeup and transforming our features for the best glow up. If you accidentally put on too much highlighter, take your beauty blender and spray it with a setting spray, my favorite right now is the Morphe Setting Spray! Then tap it anywhere you may have put too much highlighter and it will bring down the brightness while making it look like a natural glow on the skin.

How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

4. Your Mascara is Everywhere But Your Eyelashes

We’ve all made that accident of getting mascara on our nose, under the eyes or on the top of the lid. It can happen and it can be frustrating but there is a way to fix it! Take out a clean spoolie on the back of your eyebrow pencil, or you can get some at Ulta and other beauty stores. When the mascara has dried on the skin, take the spoolie and wipe the mascara away in either an upward or downward motion. Watch the black mascara marks disappear and your makeup will go back to looking clean and fresh!

How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

5. Matte Is Too Matte?

Doing any kind of makeup whether it is heavy and full glam or light glam your face can appear dry and lack the glow you’re looking for despite the matte foundation. Use your favorite setting spray to set the face after applying foundation and concealer, and again after applying powder and of course one last time at the end! This can keep the face looking fresh and also help your makeup last longer throughout the day.

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How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

6. Fall Out?

Before you apply your eyeshadow, powder up! I love using Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder to not only bake but to also place under my eye and as an indicator of where I want to blow out my eyeshadow. Then when your eyeshadow has fall out you can easily wipe the eyeshadow away without any mess!

How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

7. Contour Too Intense?

If you used powder contour take your favorite loose setting powder and a clean pointed powder brush, swirl it around in the same direction of the contour and it will take down the intensity and sharpness of the contour so that it is clean and beautiful. You can also use baking to cut the lines of the contour to make sure it is shaping your face the way it is supposed to! The same will work for blending out eyeshadow, just use a clean brush to blend the colors and sharp edges. To really clean up the edges you can use loose setting powder and the clean brush to blend out the edges.

How to Fix Makeup Accidents Without Ruining The Look

Makeup Accidents can appear to ruin the cutest look, but out of these seven attempts to fix that, I hope you can find one that works best for you! With just a bit of powder, clean brushes, a beauty blender and setting spray, there is almost nothing that you can’t fix! We’d love to hear what kind of makeup tips you have below!

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