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How To Fix Dry And Lifeless Hair

How To Fix Dry And Lifeless Hair

Are you sick of your hair feeling dry? Is your hair looking flat and lifeless? Are you wanting to achieve fuller, softer and shinier hair? Well, we are here to help you out! There are many things that can have a negative effect on your hair, some you might not be aware of at all, but fortunately, there are many things that you can do to improve the health and texture of your hair. So, with that in mind, here are seven top tips to help you fix your dry and lifeless hair and turn it into thick, soft, luscious hair!

1. Hair masks

Hair masks are a great fix for dry hair. Whether your hair is just in need of a bit of life or it needs a full emergency repair, hair masks are always a great option. Hair masks are also great if you are on a budget, as you can make them yourself with ingredients that you probably have lying around in your kitchen – what could be better!

When my hair is looking a bit flat and lifeless, I personally like to mix some natural yogurt with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. I then coat my damp hair in the mask, from root to tip, and cover it with a warm towel (just pop it in the tumble drier for fifteen minutes to warm it up) and then leave it to soak in for around half an hour. I then wash my hair as normal and it instantly looks fuller and feels softer. Give it a try!


Alternatively, most drugstores and supermarkets in the UK sell some really great hair masks that will also do the trick. Try doing one once a week to keep your hair looking great.

2. Use moisturizing and thickening shampoos

If your hair is really struggling, it may have something to do with the type of shampoo you are using. Avoid shampoos with too many chemicals and instead opt for moisturizing and thickening ones. When you are picking a shampoo, look out for amino acids in the ingredients list as these are a form of protein that your hair requires to be happy and healthy. If your hair is feeling dry and lifeless, changing your shampoo is a great place to start.

How To Fix Dry And Lifeless Hair


3. Never skip conditioner

It can be very easy when you are in a rush to go somewhere or if you are really tired, to just skip using any conditioner on your hair. However, even if you only leave a little bit of conditioner on for thirty seconds, it will be better than nothing – you shouldn’t ever underestimate the importance of conditioner. Conditioner not only locks moisture into your hair to make it softer, but it can help prevent breakage and damage to your hair. Plus, if you buy a decent conditioner, it will probably protect your hair from heat damage, which is something you definitely want to avoid if your hair is dry and lifeless – but we’ll talk more about that in a minute. So, the bottom line is, do not ever skip using conditioner!

4. Try using some argan or coconut oil

If a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and weekly hair masks aren’t enough for your hair, try using some argan or coconut oil. You can apply this to your hair before you style it, and you can apply more after. These oils are great for both protecting your hair and for helping it to heal. However, just make sure you don’t over-do it with the oils, or you’ll be looking very greasy – remember less is more!

How To Fix Dry And Lifeless Hair

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5. Avoid sun and heat damage

Now, most of us are probably aware that using curlers and straighteners on our hair too often isn’t good for it, but something you might not be aware of is that the heat of the sun can also damage our hair. The UV rays can not only damage your hair but also even affect the color. Plus, the wind can actually strip the moisture from your hair. So, if you are suffering from dry and lifeless hair, try avoiding using heat on your hair as much and avoid direct sun and strong wind – you’d be surprised how much of a difference this could make! Instead of straightening and curling your hair, try looking up some heat-free hairstyles that won’t damage your hair at all.

6. Don’t over-wash your hair

As great as a good shampoo and conditioner can be for your hair, washing your hair too often is extremely bad for your hair. I know, I know, nobody likes having dirty and greasy hair – it doesn’t look nice and it doesn’t feel nice. However, not only is the oil that your scalp produces actually good for keeping your hair healthy but constantly stripping your hair of these oils by washing too often can really dry your hair out and make it much more brittle and prone to breakage. So, if you are washing your hair every single day, cut it out quick as this could definitely be what is making your hair so dry and lifeless!


How To Fix Dry And Lifeless Hair

7. Try volumizing mousses and sprays

Finally, if all of the above still aren’t cutting it and your hair is still looking a little on the thin and lifeless side and you are really looking to just bring it back to life, try investing in a good volumizing mousse or spray. Check out Aussie or VO5 to really give your hair a kick and achieve the full-flowing locks you are craving.

So, if you are sick of suffering from dry and lifeless hair and are just craving soft, smooth and full locks, why not give these seven tips a try and see if they bring your hair back to life? Let us know in the comments if any of these tips work for you at all, or even if you have some tips of your own – we’d love to hear them!

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