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How To Find Your Personal Style In College

How To Find Your Personal Style In College

College is the platform for you to discover your own unique sense of style.  This is where you have the chance to experiment and have no one notice or be concerned that you’re not yourself. So let’s start with the basics!

1. Look at What You Already Have

Although you may be unsure of what your exact style is, what you already have in your closet is a good starting point. You want to look at what type of clothing item you find yourself wearing the most. Look at whether or not you tend to wear only the black clothing items in your closet or if you wear certain brands more than others. This gives you good ideas on what items you for sure do not like and are most likely not going to put into your new style. You mainly want to assess what the items that you do like have in common. Are they a certain fit? How comfortable are they?


2. Look For Inspiration

The best way to craft your style is to find inspiration. You can look on Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and anywhere else you can find outfits you like. After finding a decent amount of outfits and inspiring pieces, create a vision board. This way you can actually see what your closet should look like. You can easily compare the items in your closet to the items on your vision board and see if it embodies your new style. Use the vision board to really find out what you like. Ask yourself what it is about the outfits that you’ve picked out that you like.  You can also decide on what you do not like. Maybe you like the outfit but the accessories aren’t to your liking. You need to also consider if the style you have envisioned fits your lifestyle such as if you are a college athlete maybe you want to choose a more comfortable attire. You also want to make sure that these are pieces that showcase your personality. 

3. Adding New Items

Now that you have your vision board set up, you should try to get to choose some of these pieces to actually add to your closet. As a college student, you want to stay on a good budget, so start by only choosing 4-6 new items to add. This is the perfect way to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Now that you are actually formulating your style with the new pieces, you can start adding new ideas to your vision board. As time goes on you can add more pieces from your board to your closet. But do be careful with the items you choose. You want to pick staple pieces as well as pieces that can be worn multiple times in different ways. So if you know you have mostly black and white items that you wear, it would not be the best idea to add all new items in the color green. A pop of color is always nice but do not get items that you cannot wear more than once.


4. Choose What’s Comfortable For You

Everyone’s body type is different which is why you should cater your style to clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in wearing. As college students, we tend to compare ourselves to others who look completely different from us which can always be discouraging. When it comes to finding clothes that make you comfortable, you want to cater this to you and you only. Sure, you can draw inspiration from others who may look like you but only you know what you will feel comfortable in. When you are wearing clothes that you are comfortable in, your confidence also goes up. It’s the worse feeling when you put on an outfit and go out and you are not confident in it because you are so uncomfortable in it. So you want to make sure the clothes you wear are things that you are confident in. If you don’t like skinny jeans, don’t wear them! If you don’t like patterned shirts don’t wear them. If you truly do not like it just stay away from it. Only wear clothes and accessories that you like.

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5. Accessorize

Another way to really make your style unique to you is to add accessories! You have so many options to choose from. You can add a really good bag to your closet that can be used so many times. Maybe it’s a simple tote bag or maybe it’s a bag that’s a plain color. If you can add a good bag to your closet that can pretty much go with just about any outfit you throw together it is a winner! If hats are your thing a nice baseball cap is usually the perfect accessory especially when you are having a bad hair day. Baseball caps usually can be worn with just about any outfit and are a great way to mix up your style. Based on the clothes in your closet or in general personal preference, choosing your color in jewelry is just as important. You can choose from gold, silver, and rose gold. Maybe you want to have a few choices from all three categories for options or maybe you strictly wear gold jewelry only or all silver. Once you decide on that, you can get into adding those staple earrings and necklaces to your collection! It is always a good idea to have a good pair of studs as well as gold hoops. Both complement many outfits well and can be everyday accessories that will do nothing but spice up your already fabulous style. Also, get creative with the necklaces. You can try a layered look or have one or two simple chains that you like to just throw on. You can also try out rings, bracelets, watches, and even scarves and glasses.


Being a college student means you are constantly reinventing yourself and really bringing your personality and personal style to light. So finding your own unique sense of style will help showcase your personality! Share what your go-to closet pieces and accessories are that you can’t wait to fully style!