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How To Find Your New Best Friend Using Bumble BFF

How To Find Your New Best Friend Using Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is not overrated. I highly recommend this app! It's fun and you seriously have nothing to lose. Here is how to find your new bff using Bumble.
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Everyone who knows me well knows I am a freak for the newest most buzz worthy dating app, Bumble. It’s also no surprise that I live for meeting new people. So it came of no surprise when Bumble BFF came out all my friends were urging me to check it out. Regardless of if you’ve moved to a city or are just looking to switch it up within your social circle, Bumble BFF is all the rage and totally not awkward. Here’s some advice I’d give you about Bumble BFF and how to use it.

How It Works:

Go to your settings and search for friends. Like the dating app, your search criteria will ask for a mile radius and age criteria. Personally, the closer the better; as for age, I honestly could careless but make sure these selections are things you are comfortable with. This truly is your time to meet people you’d see yourself being friends with. So if you get along better with older people, go for it. If you match with someone you have 24-hours to initiate a conversation. Don’t be lame and overthink what to say; honestly, a simple “hey, what’s up” will do the trick. They clearly want to talk to you too so why be a weirdo and overthink what to say!?
What you’ll quickly notice is that there are so many women looking for friends on this app so you are not alone. I noticed there were a lot of really cool people on the app. So no, you don’t have to worry about serial killers and weirdos.

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1. Get Over the Awkwardness

Seriously, get over it. Stop saying making a new friend-dating profile, choosing potential friends and making “the first move” is awkward. Every single person on this app is using it for, more or less, the same reason: to find new friends. So it shouldn’t be an awkward experience; it should be a fun one. If you can’t put yourself out there in the first place, why are you even bothering? Like hello, that’s Emily Ratajkowski sponsoring Bumble BFF, bound to be epic then!


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2. Let Go of Judgement

While first impressions are usually based off appearance, try putting your judgments aside and read the person’s bio first. You’re on an app to find friends so I think it’s probably a good idea to make sure you actually have something in common with the person rather than jumping the gun based off appearance. Don’t be that shallow bitch. We’re all guilty of judging a book by its cover but let’s just not go there with this one. Similar to dating, be open-minded; never know when there is a diamond in the rough.

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3. Hang Out

Again, be open-minded and initiate a time to hang out. It really is not that weird. If you guys end up “matching” and having a lot in common, meet up for coffee! You seriously have nothing to lose in this scenario. You either walk away thinking “okay, we clearly aren’t going to hang out again” or you realize you a definite friendship is a possibility. It’s not like you don’t talk or text your current friends all the time anyways. There really is no harm in putting yourself out there and expanding your friend circle. In fact, it’s totally refreshing and you’d be a serious bad-ass if you made friends with someone off Bumble BFF. If it’s too weird for you then both of you can invite a friend but what the heck, stop being a loser and put yourself out there.


Overall, I’d say this experience is a must. Think about it, you seriously have nothing to lose and if we’re being frank, it’s the same as when people would meet each other via MySpace, Yahoo chat, Friendster etc. Plus, look at social media celebs from Revolve; they’ve all met via social media and are all pretty great friends. Set your judgments aside and give it a go. Pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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