How to Find Your Fashion Inspiration With Pinterest

How to Find Your Fashion Inspiration

Every day it seems there are new fashion trends all over magazines and social media. As you flip through the pages of any magazine, you’ll see your favorite celebrity looking AMAZING while sporting these new fashion trends. You’re inspired to replicate this look. In attempting to recreate this outfit, you realize that this look is not as effortless as it seems. You can pull off your desired look, you just need the perfect tool! With the help of a fashion inspiration board, replicating a new style or fashion trend becomes much easier. Here are some simple steps to start your own inspiration board to help you pull of the outfit of your dreams.

How to make Pinterest your personal stylist

Create a fashion board on Pinterest.

Pinterest is your go to for anything that you want to try out. New cooking recipes, DIY crafts, and fashion—it’s all there! To begin, decide what you want out of your inspiration board. What type of style are you interested in? Preppy? Boho? Create a Pinterest board for the type of style that you want. Make sure to have a unique, inspiring title for your board. You can create as many boards as you like for specific fashion trends or styles—don’t pin them all on one board because specific fashions will become hard to find later on.

Find Your Style with Fashion Inspiration

Look up Pins.

It’s important to get a lot of what you feel is quality content on your fashion inspiration board. If you only have a few fashions to look to, you won’t be feeling very inspired, will you? To look for what you want, use specific search keywords. If you want to achieve a casual, chic style then search for “chic looks” or “casual chic.” Pinterest will then give you countless options to fit all of your fashion needs. You should also follow your favorite brands and bloggers on Pinterest, and some boards that are popular on the site, like Fashion Trends!

Find Your Style with Fashion Inspiration

Vary your Looks.

If you’re trying to achieve a certain style, make sure to pin looks for all occasions—dressing up, going to class, or going out on the weekends. For a specific trend that you like, you should look for multiple ways to wear what you’re into. This way you’ll have many different ways to wear a certain trend and you’ll be able to create a lot of variety with your outfits. When you mix up what you wear, you’ll be saving money and you’ll get more chances to wear your new clothes.

Find Your Style with Fashion Inspiration

Go Shopping.

Once you’ve got some fashion inspiration and you have a better idea of what you want, it’s time to go shopping. Look online to see if you can get some discounts from your favorite clothing stores or websites. You can go shopping online to find what you want. If you’re trying something totally new, you might want to go shopping in stores just so you can try everything on and get the perfect fit. If you shop online, you can easily access your fashion inspiration board to make comparisons to what you’re buying. If you go to shop in stores, it may be a good idea to print out a few of your favorite pins to gather some guidance from while you’re in the store.

Find Your Style with Fashion Inspiration

Try On Your Outfits!

This is the part where you get to rock your new pieces! Once you have some items to fit your new style, try on different outfits replicating looks and ideas from your fashion inspiration board. Before you go out and show off your looks, make sure to try everything on to see what works and what you feel most comfortable with.

Find Your Style with Fashion Inspiration
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