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How To Find A Date WITHOUT A Dating App

How To Find A Date WITHOUT A Dating App

Finding a date can be hard and intimidating. If you resort to tinder, bumble or hinge, try getting off your phone with these dating tips. Here's how to find a date without an app that will make your first date much more memorable.

In the 21st Century, dating apps are running rampant and it appears that they are the only way to get a date these days. However, there are ways beyond dating apps that still work. With a little courage and some help from your friends (in some instances), you can get a date without an app. Here are the best tips for how to find a date without a dating app:

1. Do things you love.

Do things you love to do and you will meet people you are compatible with. Join a class or club you are interested in and introduce yourself to those who also attend.

How To Find A Date WITHOUT A Dating App


2. Go to events alone.

While you may always recruit your friends to go to events, be adventurous and go to events alone. Whether it’s a dance or a guest lecturer, go to something that interests you and meet others who went alone.

3. Hit the bar scene solo.

If you like the bar scene, go do it alone. Make small talk with the bartender, who may know regulars who you might click with. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet people.

How To Find A Date WITHOUT A Dating App


4. Travel by yourself.

Have you always wanted to go somewhere? Go alone and meet people along the way. This will give you an opportunity to expand your horizons and meet new people. If anything, it will give you a good conversation when you meet someone at home.

5. Hang out at places that you love.

Hang out at the places you already hang out with. Chances are other people like that place too. If you notice people who don’t usually hang out at your usual spot, introduce yourself.

6. Get in touch with that crush in high school.

Did you have a crush on someone in high school? Use social media or mutual friends to get back in touch. Reconnecting with them can rekindle an old flame and may go further than it did in high school.


How To Find A Date WITHOUT A Dating App

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7. Hang out with that hottie from your class.

Are you crushing on that person sitting next to you in history? Have you been making small talk with your chem lab partner? Invite them to have coffee and study together. Something may bloom as a result.


8. If you commute, strike up a conversation with the cutie sitting next to you.

If you commute, chances are you will sit next to someone at one point or another. And if they’re reading or writing, ask them about it, but stop if you feel like you’ve disrupted them or they don’t seem interested.

How To Find A Date WITHOUT A Dating App

9. Make small talk with the person next to you on the treadmills at the gym.

If you work out regularly, go to the gym by yourself. Make conversation with those on the treadmills next to you. Having someone with similar goals is important, and obviously, fitness is something there already.


10. Have your friends set you up on a blind date.

Your friends, especially those who have known you for years, know you more than you know yourself. They also know other people. Have them set you up with someone they know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, am I right?

Do you have any more tips for how to find a date without a dating app?