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How To Feel Sexy When You’re Not Feelin’ It

How To Feel Sexy When You’re Not Feelin’ It

Whether stress has been building up or life has randomly thrown you off track, we all have moments where we go to sleep feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model but wake up feeling like a literal trash bag. And that shouldn’t be the case! Sometimes our self esteems suffer simply because we feel like crap for no real good reason at all. 

No matter what you’re going through, you deserve to feel sexy all the time. It’s time to take charge of those negative thoughts and learn how make yourself feel a little better when you just aren’t feelin’ it!

Spruce yourself up

As superficial as this sounds, when you practice negative self-image, there’s no doubt it’s at least partially related to how you look. Feeling good about your appearance is therefore one of the first steps to exuding real sex appeal. Whether you need a trip to your favorite salon or to set aside time in your day for an at-home spa treatment, taking a minute to give your appearance attention is a simple, fool-proof way to feel sexy almost instantly.

How To Feel Sexy When You’re Not Feelin’ It


As much as you might be dreading it, sometimes, getting fully dressed and doing your hair and makeup is the simple solution you need to combat feeling like garbage. And if jeans aren’t your thing right now, slip on a hot little dress! Whatever you need to do to feel good, go the full nine yards and do it. It won’t take long, and will also remind you that you have the power to improve your own mood and self-image.

Change your routine

If you don’t feel sexy, it might be a consequence of the repetitions of daily life, which can drag on to the point of leaving you extremely exhausted. This is an abstract problem that many people don’t consider or are even aware of, so taking a second to get reflective on your daily grind might be a good thing to do. 

Even if changing your routine just means adding a step to your skin care or going out for some coffee after your workout, a subtle shift in energy can transform your perception of yourself, making you feel sexy in no time! It’s also an entirely you-centered decision, meaning it might spark introspection that will lead to bigger, longer term changes that you didn’t realize were needed in your life. 

Go natural

Although putting on makeup and doing your hair special are easy ways to draw attention to your best features, if you’re someone who cakes their face in makeup on the daily, taking the opposite route and going natural might be the fix to make you feel sexy when you’re down on yourself!


How To Feel Sexy When You’re Not Feelin’ It

Accepting what you consider “flaws” is one of the first steps to self confidence. That’s because you’ll feel empowered with your decision to embrace the beauty you were born with and that you’ve maintained through your lifestyle, leading others to notice and respect your true beauty. It’s also a change of pace if you’re normally a makeup freak, and changing things up is totally sexy because it takes you out of your comfort zone! 

Get some sexy undies

If you’ve had the same pair of generic granny panties for years, it’s time to say adios and invest in some sexy alternatives! Nothing makes you feel more sexy than knowing you’ve got something hot hiding under what you present to the public, and you’ll walk around all day feeling like you’ve got a juicy hot secret that no one else knows. And if you’ve got an S.O., coming back home after a long day and surprising them with your new wardrobe piece will totally make you feel hot AF. 

Matching lingerie sets might seem like a waste of money, but if you’re feeling down on yourself, it’s definitely worth the investment! 


Sweat it out

Putting your fitness to the test is surprisingly a good way to feel sexy when you feel like crap! Working out provides tons of health benefits, including decreased stress and higher endorphin levels. That provides the perfect storm of heightened sex drive, which, in turn, raises your perception of sex appeal.

How To Feel Sexy When You’re Not Feelin’ It

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After a long run or weight training session, you’ll feel more connected to and confident with your body and what it’s capable of. Plus, you’ll get a natural high that lifts your mood significantly.


Feel yourself up

…not like that! Physical touch is actually an effective and easy way to make yourself feel sexy when you’re down on how you look or feel. Giving yourself a long and thorough neck rub, calf rub, or just lathering lotion on all the crevices of your body are relaxing ways to connect with yourself and feel better about how you’re perceived.

Mindful touch also promotes the stimulation of skin cells, which battles unwanted marks from cellulite or dry skin. Plus it’ll wake your skin up, making you feel insanely energized! 

Plan a night out

Whether it be with your S.O. or a big group of friends, other peoples’ energies might be the fix you need to set out of a self-esteem rut! Surrounding yourself with upbeat, positive people will motivate you to feel better about yourself, and interacting with them also give you a reminder that you’re loved and appreciated. In turn, you’ll have the confidence to feel sexy that you’ve been missing out on in no time at all.

How To Feel Sexy When You’re Not Feelin’ It


Stop trying too hard

Like going natural with your hair and makeup, not trying too hard to impress others or to live up to self-imposed expectations will make you feel sexier guaranteed. This solution might not be an instant process, especially if you’re generally insecure and have turned this into a habit, but the subconscious effects of throwing your social cares away will build up over time, making you feel sexier than ever.

Embracing you and getting a reminder of your true self is empowering and essential in feeling sexy and restoring your confidence. You’ll not only be more content and comfortable living in your own skin, but you’ll have the energy to present your best self to the people around you! 

With these simple tips, you’ll feel better about yourself in no time. Let us know in the comments when YOU feel your sexiest! 

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