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How To Feel Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

How To Feel Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

When everything is falling apart it can be hard to stay motivated. However, this is the time where it is the most important to stay motivated. It is important to think about the big picture during tough times. It is the improvements made during the rough times that shine when everything is good again. Here are a few tips to help feel motivated when everything is falling apart.

1. Get Rest 

There is a difference between rest as in sleeping and rest as in rejuvenation. Take time to rest and heal your soul from whatever trauma or hardships may have occurred. Sleeping will help, and of course, will speed up the healing process, but just take time to relax. Spend time with those who mean the most. Take time to do things that inspire you, ignite a fire within your soul, and bring you peace. Time heals most things. Time will heal this hardship too. Rely on whatever gives you faith to continue with your life. Remember the best is yet to come.

How To Feel Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

2. Create Small Goals 

Take it one step at a time. Not trying to reference the Jordin Sparks song, but the phrase is true. Smaller goals are more attainable. At times, it can be an accomplishment to get out of bed and shower that day. So, begin small, and work on small goals. Several small goals that are accomplished turn into one large achievement in due time. Start by creating a daily checklist, and make goals such as “make my bed”, or “hang out with friends.” Crossing items off on a list is so rewarding. The rewarding feeling in you should spur a desire to keep achieving.

How To Feel Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

3. Rely On A Support System 

Read this part out loud. It is okay to ask for help. This is sometimes the hardest part. It can be difficult to realize when assistance is needed. Let pride step aside. This can be a humbling experience. Family and friends will come support when asked. At times, they are unaware until you voice your issues to them. Having someone to share negative thoughts and worries with can help a lot. Let it out, and do not hold back! Holding in emotion makes the issue ten times worse. Plus, your confidant and support system may have good advice to offer. This is a time to sit back and listen. Be receptive to what they say. Their words can be very valuable. Your support system sees your situation from a different point of view than you do. They can see things that you may be unable to see yourself.

 How To Feel Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

4. Give Yourself Grace

Give yourself grace. It is okay not to feel motivated every single day. The most successful people do not feel motivated all the time, and if they told you differently they would be lying. It takes discipline to stay committed to goals. This is the part everyone forgets about; To be successful, discipline’s counterpart is necessary, which is grace. Grace is an important aspect of failure. Give yourself grace for the mistakes made in the past, and keep that In your heart and mind moving forward. Remember to give yourself grace during future screw-ups, because you will mess up again at some point. We are humans, and mistakes are not avoidable. Failure is how people learn. That is a cliché saying, but it is so true.

5. Clean Your Space Or Reorganize

Clean your space or reorganize. While getting your life together, literally get your ish together as well. A clean and organized space helps to clear the mind. The act of throwing out stuff can be therapeutic in a sense. Take this time to cleanse your space of anything that could be a reminder of past trauma. If it a break up, get rid of those cute couple pictures on the wall. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” applies to this tip. If there are no reminders of the hardship, then eventually it will be thought of less and less. Start fresh with a clean slate!

How To Feel Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

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6. Take Time To Become Introspective And Learn About Yourself

This last tip is probably the most important. You will never find true happiness unless you find it within yourself first. Begin to know your true self! Learn about all the amazing abilities you possess and what you are capable of. Try something out of your comfort zone, or pick up an old hobby. Learn how to take care of yourself. Not just your body, but your mind and spirit. Make yourself feel complete. This can be done in a variety of ways, but it is up to you to find this out. Nobody can tell you what is best for you or what you need, besides yourself. The answers lie within.

This is probably the hardest realization to come to, especially during a time when everything is following apart. During the rough times, self-hatred and a negative mindset can be at an all-time high, and this is understandably so. Once you have found confidence and peace of mind within yourself, others will recognize the change. You will then feel motivated for all the correct reasons. You will feel motivated for yourself, and all your hopes and dreams. Find time to get creative. Find time to get active. Find time to connect with nature. Do whatever makes you feel most connected to your true inner identity.

How To Feel Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

Instead of becoming your hardship, conquer it! This process is by no means easy to accomplish, but well worth the effort once completed. When it feels like everything is falling apart, everything is falling into place. Life can throw unexpected curve balls, but everything happens for a reason. At the current moment, it may be hard to see clearly and see the purpose behind what is occurring. Think about the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Take the earth, for example, the sunshine always returns in the morning after a long stormy night. Be appreciative that you have been gifted the strength to overcome the hardship, and that should be motivation enough.

Let us know what has worked for you in the past in the comments below! 

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