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How to Escape the Heat

How to Escape the Heat

Who doesn’t love summer! Beautiful days full of sunshine and relaxation, and for those who still go to school, this means time off, and we can enjoy summer break! It truly is one of the best times of the year, full of fun and lots to look forward to! But it does have one fault; the heat can get to you at some points. After a while feeling sticky, sweaty, and like you’re overheating, perhaps even melting at times, can start to get uncomfortable. As summer continues, there are only more hot days in heat waves in our future. So, let’s try to enjoy summer while escaping the heat and staying cool. Keep reading to find out how to remain calm, cool, and collected during these hot summer months.

1. Beach and Pool Days

Take advantage of this if you are driving from a public beach or pool! If you don’t live within driving distance from a public beach or pool, you should probably find a friend with access to a pool. Or think of planning a little getaway to the beach. You’re instantly cooler when you’re sitting at the pool or the beach. You can enjoy being outside with the fresh air knowing that you can jump into the ocean or the pool when you start to overheat—the perfect way to cool off during these hot summer months. Make sure to plan your beach in Pool days for the summer because you will inevitably want to escape the fiery summer heat from time to time. And it’s essential that we still enjoy the outdoors and fresh air well we can. So, if you’re trying to escape from the heat this summer, find a pool or beach that you can go to.


2. Movie Theater

If you don’t have a seat in your house, then I highly recommend taking a little trip to the movie theaters. I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to the movies, I’m instantly frozen. So, this is the perfect way to escape the heat and get in some quality entertainment. I’m serious, though. Have you ever gone to the movie theater and thought, geez, it’s so warm that you haven’t because it’s constantly freezing? They are cranking that AC out like it’s no one’s business. So, pick a day that is extremely hot and play on a movie date with you and your friends or significant other. You won’t regret it. You’re practically killing two birds with one stone, spending quality time with friends, and maybe enjoying the comfort of air conditioning. So, if you are trying to escape that brutal summer heat, I highly recommend you go to the movie theaters and enjoy some air conditioning.

3. Frogg Toggs

This is honestly something that is a summer staple. And anyone who gets bothered by the heat and must spend time outside or doesn’t have air conditioning needs this. Frogg Toggs are a type of towel you rinse in cold water and store in your freezer. When you take them out of the freezer, they hold the cold air in them and keep you cool. You can place them on your pressure points anywhere you feel overheating! They stay cold for up to four hours after leaving the freezer! This is the invention that you never knew you needed up until now. If you have kids or, despite the heat, still like to work out outside and be outside and stay active, this is perfect for throwing into your bag or car. And use it after you have been spending time outdoors. They are the ideal little towel to throw into a beach bag if you’re going for a long day on the beach and you get boiling and don’t off swim great to bring your kids to ornaments or any other daily activity that you might do. Once you use this towel, you will instantly feel cooled down and refreshed. Frogg Toggs are the perfect invention to help you escape that sticky heat that can be summer!


4. Hydration

Drinking water will help you escape from the heat. It is worth buying a more expensive insulated water bottle to keep your water fresh and cold during summer. The heat will take so much energy and electrolytes from you. So we must stay hydrated and drink lots of water during the summer. So, make sure to buy a good water bottle for the hot summer months. I love Hydro Flasks and Swell water bottles; they keep your water freezing! Perfect for the next time you are craving to chug some water on a hot summer day. If you are trying to escape the heat, I highly recommend buying a good water bottle.

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5. Cold Shower

Honestly, don’t underrate a cold shower during these hot summer months. If you don’t have air conditioning or time to go to the beach or the pool, a cold shower will do the trick! A cold shower it’s no different than jumping in the pool or the ocean for your swim. It has the same effect if you close your eyes and feel the cold water on you if it’s just like the ocean! You start to feel overheated and sweaty, and the humidity is getting to you. Just jump in the shower. It will be cooled down instantly and refreshed. A cold shower is probably one of the most underrated ways to stay cool during summer. If you are trying to escape the heat, I highly recommend just turning on the shower and getting in it. Nothing will cool you down faster.


These are my top five tips and tricks to staying cold during heat waves, hot summer months, and maybe even hot flashes. These five simple tips and purchases or key 2 escaping a hot, muggy, and uncomfortable summer day. They may even help you find the heat to be more bearable. I hope these tips and tricks help you on your next hot summer endeavor.