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How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

The summer season can be a brutal time when it comes to getting some exercise. While some of you may relish in the hot summer sun, others (especially me) just cannot handle all of that heat and humidity and avoid going outside at all costs. Not only does the heat make you sweat like you wouldn’t believe, but there is also the risk of getting sun burnt. Unfortunately, for those of us out there that also love to stay in shape, summer can be quite the issue. Here is how to ensure you stay fit this summer!

Go To Your Local Pool

Even a few laps in the pool can really do your body wonders when it comes to staying in shape. Regardless if your pool is inside or outside, the water will never fail to keep you cool. If your pool water is especially cold, then that’s just an even better excuse to start exercising until you’re warm! Thankfully, you won’t be wiping sweat from your face every five seconds because the pool water will be doing that for you. That, and after you are done, you will be thankful for the summer heat as you walk to get dressed and into your car to go home!

How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

Walk As Much As Possible

If you work or live in a large building, then try and use the stairs as much as possible and skip that elevator ride. While it may seem silly or take longer to get places, you will be burning some calories in a place that isn’t ninety degrees outside! Or if you want to brace the summer heat without making too much of a sweat, go outside. Walking is already a great form of exercise, so if you want to stay fit this summer, bracing the heat for a short while will be worth it in the end!

Workout In The Morning Or Night

I am more of a night person to begin with, so I can confidently say that working out when the sun is down is such a great way to workout during the summer. The same goes for working out before the sun rises. The summer sun is just a brutal pieces of work, but if your schedule allows it, exercising when the temperature is just right will ensure you stay fit this summer!

How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

Keep A Healthy Diet

Exercising isn’t the only way to stay fit this summer. Chowing down on those veggies will keep your body in pristine condition without having to go to the gym every single day. While I know summer is the season for hot dogs, burgers, funnel cakes, and ice cream, choosing to eat grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, and frozen yogurt will not only make you look great, but feel great too! There are also plenty of healthy alternative foods that you can find all over the interest if you are looking to keep your diet junk-food free!

How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

Drink Water!

I cannot stress this enough, water is essential to making sure you stay hydrated and healthy this summer. I’ve known plenty of people that will spend all day outside but won’t take the time to chug a few sips of that refreshing water and be miserable for the duration of being outside. Water can truly help you brace the summer heat and give you the energy and stamina to continue to workout to the best of your ability. Not only is it good for bracing the sun, but will do your body wonders afterward!

How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

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Try Fun Activities

This tip is for anyone who will be going on vacation. I know it can be hard to squeeze a workout in during those fun family vacations, but instead of going out of your way to exercise, suggest trying an activity that will not only give you a workout, but also be tons of fun! And the best part about this idea is that there are plenty of cool actives to try during vacation regardless of where you go, such as kayaking, surfing, skydiving, volleyball, yoga classes, or even zumba! The possibilities are endless as long as you are open to trying something new.

Avoid Too Much Alcohol

Now, I’m not saying to cut alcohol out of your diet completely this summer, especially with all of the fun and delicious summer cocktails available out there. But limiting yourself to a couple drinks per special or social occasion will do wonders for your body if you are looking to workout more than a few times a week. Staying fit is fun and all, but don’t be afraid to let go every once and a while if you are out with your friends. Most of the time if you are out and about, you’ll be burning most of what you consume anyway.

How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

Write Down Your Fitness Goals

Just saying you want to stay fit this summer is one thing, but actually executing this goal is another. If you really want to stay on track, keep a list of what you want to accomplish this summer. Keep track of your diet, what kind of exercises you want to try and do, and write down just what you did that today to achieve said goals. It can sound like a lot, but just jotting down a few sentences on how you can achieve staying fit will make all the difference this season.

How To Ensure You Stay Fit This Summer

Staying fit this summer can be a bit difficult with the sweltering summer sun and all. Not to mention the possible sun burn if you don’t apply the right amount of sunscreen, and for some of us, that means the whole bottle. Summer can be a brutal season for outdoor actives, but it can also be the best season for exercise if you play your cards right and follow all of these tips and tricks to stay fit! What did you think of these suggestions on how to stay fit this summer! Do you already have your own tips and tricks to stay healthy? Let us know in the comments!

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