How To End A Bad Date Honestly

Looking how to end a bad date? This is the perfect way of how to end a bad date that is respectful and mature. Ending a bad date can be awkward so be honest.

I think it’s a given when I say a bad date is one of the worst things you could encounter. However, what I believe to be worse than that is ending a bad date. While there are excuses for getting out of a date, how to end a bad date is even worse since you’re already there! Here’s how to end a bad date that you’re already at. No, excuses to get out of a date will not work since it’s too late!

How To End A Bad Date

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Honestly, I believe there is only one way how to end a bad date – let them know honestly you just aren’t feeling it. People tend to come up with lame excuses to end a date or think they are coming up with good excuses to leave. Honestly, it’s a bunch of bullshit and that’s not a graceful way to end a date. If you are someone who goes in with a clearly defined exit plan as to why you don’t want to go on the date in the first place, that’s sad. That is the worst way how to end a bad date.quotes, love, and adventure image

Another one of the worst ways how to end a bad date is by having your friends around. While it’s a good thing to let your friends know where you and your date are going, there is no reason to have a backup plan like that. If you aren’t enjoying your date, go home. The worst way how to end a bad date is by having a friend call in the middle of it. If you think that’s a creative way of exiting a date, you’re wrong. That’s flat out a mean way to end a date. That makes it blatantly obvious you are having a miserable time. That also shows your level of immaturity.

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Don’t Suffer Through It

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Honestly, if you are looking how to end a bad date, let them know you respectfully aren’t interested. That is a lot more graceful than conjuring up these lame ways of how to end a bad date you see online. There is also no point in suffering through a bad date. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, let them know you appreciate meeting up but you’re not interested in pursuing the night.

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Do you know how to end a bad date properly?

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