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How to Elevate your Look with Sunglasses

How to Elevate your Look with Sunglasses

Do you run into the problem of not knowing what to do the morning after a rough night? well, this might be the solution to your problems, let me tell you How to Elevate your Look with Sunglasses.

No Makeup No Problem

Whether you are heading to work or just grabbing a coffee, Sunglasses will do the job of covering your eyes and the surrounding areas. Recovering from a night out will be easier than ever, instead of worrying about who is looking at you shade those eye babies with your Sunglasses. This can really help you when you have puffy eyes, eyelash malfunctions, and dark circles around your eyes, or if you’re just not feeling it and you want to be covered, sunglasses are your best friend. This can be the best alternative to a late night of partying just throw on a pair of sunglasses and your problem will be solved. 


The Bigger the Better

If you want to feel privacy in the flesh, Oversized Sunglasses are the way to go. Plenty of Celebrities and Influencers have made these a trend, Kim Kardashian for example never leaves the house without a pair of Oversized shades. Not only does it give you that instant privacy, but it helps keep you looking stylish and adds that hint of mystery and edge to the look. This is something that demands attention and will help you stand out in the crowd while keeping the imperfections hidden. Oversized sunglasses have been popular all the way from the 1960s until now and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Pop of Color

Everyone wants to be colorful every once in a while, adding a pop of color to your style will keep you trendy and makes a statement. Designers everywhere have started making all of their sunnies in so many bold colors, like Coral, Baby Blue and Electric Purple are all colors that can take your look from zero to one hundred. The color of the sunglasses is not the only thing that matters when talking about your glasses, the lens matters too. Many companies like Ray-Ban and Prada have chosen to change the Lens colors based on the effects that you can benefit from doing so. Ray-Ban in particular has so many different colored lenses from red, to blue to purple the color choices are endless. The most prominent lens that we see these days is the blue lens which allows your face to stay relaxed.

Changes Your Vibe

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can change your vibe, People who wear sunglasses tend to be happier and feel more comfortable going out because they feel more privacy. Being able to change your vibe on the flip of a dime is exciting, the Oversized look is going to boost confidence and give you all attention when walking into the room. The Cat eye is going to give you the edgy look with the no strings attached vibe. The most common look which is the Aviator is going to fit most people’s faces the best coming in a bunch of different shapes and sizes and boosting the facial features. The Shield glasses are probably the most popular style in today’s world, covering your eyes completely, women all over can’t get enough of these frames as well as the designers who cannot stop making them.


Keep those Eyes Safe

You only get one pair of eyes so let’s keep those safe! The sun can be your biggest enemy, so keeping your corneas safe is a big deal. using sunglasses to help you do so is a great idea, it’s best to choose a pair of sunglasses that blocks all of the UVA and UVB radiation, want to be stylish and do that? most designer brands like Prada and Chanel are notorious for being able to keep your eyes say by making sure that they block out all of the radiation rays. Maui Jim, although not the most stylish brand is best known for blocking out pretty much 100% of all radiation that is given off by the sun. Sunglasses are great for making a statement but also great because they keep your eyes safe from the sun and allow you to be covered and stylish at the same time.

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Instant Symmetry

A lot of people are not familiar with the fact that most people’s faces are not symmetrical, but wearing sunglasses enhances instant symmetry and gives you a perfect-looking face by just slapping on a pair of sunglasses. A lot of people have different face shapes the most common are Oval, Round, Square, Triangular, and Heart. Sunglasses take a lot of effort when measuring all of the different things that go into them like the lens diameter and lens height, this is all stuff that you can factor in when trying to figure out what right shape of sunglasses you need for your face. Enhancing your facial symmetry is also something that enhances your facial attractiveness, which can help you when trying to get more attention from people around you.

Hide Your Emotions

If you just cried for an hour or feel like the world is caving in on you, sunglasses are here to help. Waking up with puffy eyes is a no-go, so cover them up with sunglasses and worry about it later! This correlates with the “No Makeup Look” and sometimes we don’t want to be bothered, using sunnies is a way to put on that look and execute it. When you aren’t able to look into someone’s eyes you are not really able to tell how they are feeling and this is a way that helps you hide your emotions.

Helps You Stand Out

This is a given, Sunglasses are mainly known to help you stand out from the crowd and or block the sun from your eyes. Sometimes you want to feel like the main character, and this is the way to do so, wear bright oversized glasses and stand out. Wearing sunglasses is a way to keep your look sophisticated and take control of the day. It is a known fact that humans will feel more confident when they are in a pair of sunglasses that make them feel better about themselves.


All of these are wonderful ways to get you in the groove of wearing sunglasses, and can really help you when you need to learn How to Elevate your Look with Sunglasses.