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How To Effectively Search For A Job

How To Effectively Search For A Job

How To Effectively Search For A Job

Life after college can be very stressful especially when looking for a new job with your new degree. Check out these few tips and tricks to effectively search for a job after college life.


First thing first, make sure you update your resume with your graduation date. Pour hours into reading your resume to make sure that it really personifies you as an educated person who is looking for a career in your field. The next step would be to apply to all of your future job prospects. When you apply various jobs make sure that you are following up with them at least twice a week. This shows a strong initiative and dedication to your job search.

How To Effectively Search For A Job

Job Search Applications

A better way to ensure that you find a job that corresponds to your degree would be to sync your resume on different job searching platforms like and These various sites will match certain jobs in your area with various different filters based on city, pay wage, full time or part time and experience level.

Another way to effectively search for a job would be to set up a professionally done Linked In profile. This profile will connect you to various other officials in your field and it will also help you network with past professors, students and faculty from your university.


A great way to effectively search for a job would be to contact some of your friends that are in the same situations as yourself. Your fellow graduates are also in the same position, they are also searching for a job after college. Staying connected with them can open some doors for your career and it will help you to borrow some job searching ideas from them.

Another opportunity to effectively search for a job would be to check out the alumni responsibilities that your university offers. Most universities will offer some career fairs and alumni mixers with various chances to reach out and make connections.

Your best friend in a job hunt would be to search on social media among your friends. Ask them where they work causally and what they enjoy about their jobs. If what they say appeals to you then extend your interest in any current or future openings.

If you do get an interview opportunity, make sure you are as professional and personable as you can be. If the interview doesn’t work out, make sure you let them know you would like to be considered for any other upcoming positions in any related department.

How To Effectively Search For A Job

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Best Times To Apply

The best times to search for a job would be during January or February. This is the best time because most of the decision-makers are in the office so the hiring process will go a lot quicker. A lot of companies tend to get their new hiring budget in the first couple months of the year. There is a lot of hiring activity that was delayed in the holiday months of November and December that will be sped up in January and February.

Just an FYI, applying for jobs in November and December tend to be the roughest. So many of the hiring managers and HR representatives are taking vacations, focusing on end of year task and moving towards to beginning of the year goals.

How To Effectively Search For A Job

Don’t be discouraged when you aren’t able to find a job within the first few months after college. Not many people find a job right out of college right away. This process should take a lot of effort on your end because you are starting to build a career. This is the job you will do for the foreseeable future.

Check out these different tips and tricks to effectively search for a job. Comment down below if you have any other tricks for your fellow college graduates.

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