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How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

How To Easily Accomplish 'Soft-Glam' Makeup

If you’re getting ready for a special occasion or date night but don’t want to pile on the makeup, soft-glam is the way to go! You can easily achieve this type of versatile look no matter how much experience with makeup you have.

You’ll need a light weight foundation or BB/CC cream.

Try not to go for a foundation that’s too heavy on the skin. You want something more on the natural side for the soft-glam makeup look. If you already have great skin (lucky you!), you can opt for a skin tint just to even out the color on your face. But for those of us who aren’t so lucky and still want a good amount of coverage, you can use IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. It’s light enough so that you don’t feel it on your face, but still build-able for that extra coverage without it looking cake-y.

How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

Use warm/neutral shades for eyeshadow.

Soft-glam is all about being a step above a natural, “no makeup” makeup look that’s versatile for day-wear to night-wear. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a palette called ‘Soft Glam’ whose colors completely encompass the meaning of the type of makeup look we’re going for. Pinks, soft browns, and golden colors are ideal for soft-glam looks. Of course, you can easily deepen the look for night-wear by adding a hint of a darker rose or black-brown shades. Glitter on the lids is always a great idea for soft-glam looks too!

How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

Make sure your eyebrows are on point.

The eye area is really the focus of soft-glam makeup. Most soft-glam enthusiasts wear their naturally shaped arch, with brows darkened by simply shaping and filling them in using a light hand with an eyebrow pencil, such as the popular Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you already have darker eyebrows, you can just go through them with a brow gel and you’re set!

How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

Choose a nude lipstick and/or some gloss.

Nude lipsticks are timeless and will pair well with any eye makeup you choose to do. Again, soft-glam looks are all about attention to the eyes and eyebrows, so you really want to keep the lips as natural as possible. Wearing a nude lip also adds on to the versatility of soft-glam looks, perfect for either day and/or night if you have a busy day! If you want a bit of pop and shine, adding a gloss over your lipstick doesn’t hurt either.

How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

Falsies are important!

Even though it’s been reiterated twice now, it’s still a nice reminder that eyes are the main focus of this kind of look. The falsies really add the ‘glam’ portion of soft-glam! Simply adding a good, long-lasting pair of falsies brings in the wow factor to the makeup, specifically the eyes. Since there’s so many amazing styles out there, it can be hard to decide what kind is best for this kind of makeup look. Wispies are a recommended favorite among beauty-lovers as it’s the perfect style for both volume and length. The shape of wispies also gives a more natural yet not-so-natural look, which is exactly what soft-glam is all about, since it fails to make the falsies look overly dramatic.

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How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

Don’t go overboard on blush.

In fact, you can probably leave home without it! A lot of soft-glam lovers opt to only use bronzer in order give more warmth to their faces. If you are going to use blush however, make sure you keep it as natural as possible, choosing a shade that resembles your natural blush in times of embarrassment! If you need help determining what it is, you can pinch your cheeks a bit and try to match that color. For bronzer (and blush), make sure you’re applying product at an angle (do a fish face) so you can mimic some coveted high cheekbones, and doing this can also help slim down the face, if you want that.

How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

Highlight, highlight, highlight!

Applying highlight is practically fool-proof, possibly the easiest step of the entire look! Using a good amount of highlight for soft-glam looks is essential, but also keep in mind that you wouldn’t want to look like a lightbulb.

How To Easily Accomplish ‘Soft-Glam’ Makeup

Now you’re ready to achieve your soft-glam makeup look! Have you tried this timeless and versatile makeup look yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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