How To Ease Yourself Into The Neon Green Trend

We all went through a strange phase in our pre-teen years where we would wear neon clothes and white 3/4 denim shorts, and we all thought those days were behind us, but what if I said that they may not be. Slowly but surely neon is coming back into vogue, now there are ways of doing so without totally bringing back flash backs of that awful fashion time. Here’s how you can ease yourself into the neon green trend without totally feeling ridiculous.


The first step can be small. Neon green is super easy to learn to enjoy if you do so in small stages. Start with some accessories. This can be as small as neon socks or a little larger such as sunglasses or a purse. You never know you might just stumble across something that you love and just so happens to be neon green. A festival is a great safe place to test out some more daring fashion choices. Festivals are the place where people wear things that they may be afraid to do so outside of the festival. If you want to test out how you look in neon and see if it brings you some joy to wear, wear it to a festival. This way you may even be able to go beyond accessories. This is a great and super easy way for you to just dip your toe into the world of neon green.

How To Ease Yourself Into The Neon Green Trend


Now puffer jackets for some reason seem to be the thing where you can wear a slightly more bold colour and it goes with everything simply because its a puffer jacket. Unsure why this is but it is very true. Puffer jackets in bold colours, no matter what you pair with them instantly look high fashion. If you stumble across a neon green puffer buy it! This may seem a little out there for some but consider it. This will be easier to throw on than you think. You will find yourself just grabbing it before you walk out of the door, completely ignoring the fact that it is super super bright! In winter it is fun to wear a super bright colour amongst all the black that everyone tends to wear during that season. You will be able to be seen for miles. That is not a bad thing either. When you are doing your winter shopping, consider your coat for the season to be neon green. This may be your new fav item in your wardrobe! The more fashion forward you go with this the less people will question it. Find one that is cropped and has a wide collar, this will look super cute! This a great first step to take into the neon green trend.

How To Ease Yourself Into The Neon Green Trend

Bike Shorts

Now the Kardashians have made bike shorts a staple to wear everywhere. A neon green pair with an oversized hoodie if the ultimate Kardashian esc outfit. Bike shorts are super comfortable, they can be worn outside of the house or simply as loungewear. This is a good idea to get used to wear such a loud colour, wearing them around the house and getting use to seeing yourself in that colour is a great way to get rid of the shock factor. Bike shorts are a great way to wear a more daring colour as they are usually seen as a more daring fashion choice anyway, so the colour is irrelevant. Get your hands on a pair of bike shorts, in all the colours you can find. You won’t regret it you will be wearing them non-stop everyday. They are the closest thing to wearing nothing so they are perfect to wear during super hot summer days. A great addition to your wardrobe that will soon be filled with neon.

How To Ease Yourself Into The Neon Green Trend


Bikinis look great in any colour and any pattern. Buy a bikini in neon green and not only will you be absolutely loving yourself, you will also look super tan, and who doesn’t love that. There a all kinds of styles of bikinis and the one that suits your body the best will look good no matter the colour. Summer is the time to wear fun and bright colours that will look great in the sun and around the water. Girls can never have too many bikinis, and this is simply just another you can add to your collection. Don’t overthink it just buy it. If you wear it with confidence then no one will think otherwise. Just another great option for you to wear neon green.

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How To Ease Yourself Into The Neon Green Trend


Activewear is where you can have a little fun and get those booty shorts out of the draw and onto your body. You will be looking super fun and beyond cute. You can wear windbreakers, they will have the same principle as the puffer jacket, if you don’t want all eyes on you while you are working out, then go for the windbreaker and then once you have gotten inside, you can take it off, simple. You will be use to the neon in no time, then you will be able to wear neon head to toe and you will not even think twice about it. Consider a pair of bike shorts and sports bra in neon green, you will feel so cute the colour will be irrelevant. Once again the neon will make you look super tan, and that always makes us happy.

How To Ease Yourself Into The Neon Green Trend

Admire it from afar

If you are not convinced, you can simply just appreciate it. It does take a lot of bravery for some to wear neon green outside of the house, if this is you, think of it is a challenge you will one day face. But for now you are just admiring it from affair. There is no shame in that, you will tackle it one day! The neon green trend is not for everyone but give it a go, you never know you may enjoy it.

Are you convinced yet? Let us know in the comments below if you will give the neon trend a chance!

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