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Here’s How To Drink More Water Without Trying Too Hard

Here’s How To Drink More Water Without Trying Too Hard

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Being healthy is hard. You have to exercise multiple times a week, eat a balanced diet, cut out bad habits and on top of that, you’re supposed to drink like five gallons of water a day. I mean not really, it’s actually at least eight cups of water a day. But that’s a lot of water! It’s hard enough to remember to put on deodorant every day, let alone drink that much water! Thankfully, everything becomes easier once you make it a habit. And drinking the recommended amount of water daily can become a habit pretty easily. Here’s how to drink more water without it becoming a hassle!

1. Have a cute water bottle

If you have a water bottle that you actually want to carry around and show off, then you’ll be so much more likely to drink water. Just having water around you makes you drink it more, so if you have a water bottle that you take everywhere with you then you’re all set!

This is how to drink more water without it being a hassle !

2. Add flavoring

If you’re sick and tired of the taste of water (does it even have a taste??) try adding some natural flavoring! There are so many different ways to put some delicious flavors into your water. By adding fresh fruit into your drink it gives it a natural and healthy infusion of delicious taste!

This is how to drink more water without it being a hassle !


3. Soda swap out

Drinking soda is obviously terrible for you with all of the sugars and chemicals. But there’s something so wonderful about cracking open a cold can of coke and tasting the refreshing carbonation. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for that! Sparkling waters are super trendy right now, but for good reason. If you love carbonation but don’t want to drink pop, there are so many different flavors and brands of sparkling water that can quench your thirst!

This is how to drink more water without it being a hassle !

4. Eat water enriched foods

By simpling incorporating foods with a lot of water in it, you can get a lot of your daily water intake. Some foods with the highest water content are watermelon (duh), oranges, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and peppers.

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5. Alternate water and alcohol when drinking

This tip on how to drink more water is great for two reasons: first, you won’t get hungover the next day and second, you’ll stay hydrated while drinking alcohol! This is something you should implement whether or not you’re trying to drink more water because it will keep you from getting too drunk!

6. Mark your water bottle

If you really need help drinking your daily water, try putting time stamps on your water bottle to tell you how much water you need to drink at each point during the day. This kind of turns drinking into a game, which always makes reaching a goal easier!

This is how to drink more water without it being a hassle !

7. Keep it cool

Make sure your water is always cold. It makes it easier to drink because it’s more refreshing. Plus, ice water supposedly makes burning calories easier for your body. There’s never any harm to trying something that could make you lose some weight too, right?!

Do you know how to drink more water? Let us know if this list helped you in the comment section below!

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