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How to Dress Up Your Simple Outfit

If you look good, you feel good. For some people, an outfit can change your whole outlook of the day. If you feel like you look good, you feel much more confident. Although, most of us have very simple clothes and don’t know how to not make ourselves look boring. This may make us feel less confident and we don’t want that. Knowing how to dress up a simple outfit is especially necessary when you are on the go and can’t think about putting an outfit together. Below I have tips on what to add to your look to spice it up. 

1. Jewelry/Accessories

Adding accessories can make all the difference with a simple outfit. Having big hoop earrings, gold bracelet, and gold necklace can make you quite stylish. Belts are another great addition. A black belt looks good with almost every outfit and adds a little more to your midsection, where you might not have much going on. It emphasizes your curves if you are wearing a loose top. Layered necklaces bring some attention to your neck, especially if you are wearing a plain white t-shirt. If you are in a cold area, you can add a scarf. It’ll keep you warm and you will look cute. Purses are another great accessory. If you are lucky enough to have a luxury purse (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.), throw it over your arm and strut girl. If not, you are just like me and you can find cheap, cute purses at places like Zara or Princess Polly. If you are having a bad hair day, hats are just the thing to cover it up. A cute beret can make you look like a world traveler. A minimalist solid baker boy cap is another trendy option. A fedora hat is a great hat to have at a girls’ brunch or a trip to the beach!

2. Shoes

I think we can all think of a moment where we are like, “where did she get her shoes?” Shoes can make you put together and change the whole vibe of your outfit. If you choose high heels, you probably will look more professional. You can find nice, affordable heels at Steve Madden or Jeffrey Campbell. If you choose a nice pair of tennis shoes, you will look more casual. Some examples of trendy tennis shoes are Reebok vintage sneakers, Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Jordan, and Adidas Superstar. Another shoe option is boots. Knee-high/thigh-high boots are such a cute addition to jeans and and a top. Wearing these could be an option for a brunch date. You can find cute, affordable boots from Steve Madden, Brass Plum, Jeffrey Campbell.

3. Layering

Layering helps us create so many different looks with the same exact simple outfit. It is on trend right now to add layers to any and every outfit. Try out adding a puffer vest to your plain long sleeve shirt. Also, if you have a turtleneck, you can literally add anything over it. You can wear a crew neck sweater, vest,  or a jacket. Jackets are an amazing invention that keeps us warm and makes us look even cuter. For a more professional look, add a blazer. Blazers are very trendy at the moment. You may find affordable blazers at Macy’s or Asos. If you are after a more sexy look, go for a PU Leather jacket. You can find affordable PU Leather jackets at Princess Polly. If you just want something casual, add a bomber jacket. You will get straight up 90’s vibes. You can find affordable bomber jackets from Missguided or Pretty Little Thing.

4. Hair Style

Hair styles are a must every day but especially when you have a simple outfit. Curling, straightening or putting your hair into braids or a bun will always spice up your outfit. If you are going for a professional look, put your hair into a sleek ponytail or curl it. If you are going for a casual look, wear your hair straight or put it into a messy bun. 

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5. Tuck in your T-Shirt

Even this sounds like nothing, it is everything. It can change your look from sloppy to put together just like that. Bye bye, simple outfit! It’ll accentuate your curves so much more. You can show off your belt. There are several ways for your to tuck your shirt. I know, that is very surprising.

  • Full tuck: This is a sophisticated look. The full tuck avoids avoids looking bulky or bumpy. To get the full tuck, just straighten your tee into your pants and make sure there is not any bumps. Raise your arms to release a bit of fabric.
  • Fake tuck: This is a street style look. The fake tuck makes you look cute. This is how influencers wear big sweaters with little skirts. To get the fake tuck, grab a belt. Wrap the belt into your waist and cinch it over the sweater.
  • Tuck in one-side: One of the most popular ways to tuck in a shirt. This is an undone and edgy look. To get the look, you just tuck in one side of your loose or buttoned up shirt.
  • Sports bra tuck: If you want to crop any shirt or sweater, this is how you do it. Also, it is pretty comfortable because your bra won’t be digging into your skin. To get the look, just take the hem and put it into your bra. If you want it longer, take more of your top out. If you want it shorter, put more in.
  • Tuck in the middle: This cute look will ensure you to look slimmer. This tuck has more mobility than the full tuck. To get this look, just tuck in the front of your top into your pants.

Another option is for you to tie your shirt up. So, it can show off your midriff a little bit. 

Do you have any other tips on dressing up a simple outfit? Comment down below!

Morgan Franssen

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