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How To Dress This Winter Without Bearing Yourself In Clothes

How To Dress This Winter Without Bearing Yourself In Clothes

For most people winter is not the most desirable season. It can make it difficult to want to go outside at all. Winter can have some of the most brutal temperatures and make you bury yourself in a mountain of clothes.  This option can be unflattering, but these how-to-dress tips will help you keep going. Here are some tips that you can use to help you stay warm during the winter season and keep you going through the cold temperatures. 

Layers The Right Way On The Top

Maybe your parents layered you this way when you were a child, but it is still an effective way to dress in the winter to help keep you warm without burying yourself in clothes. How to dress this way is simple. You to start with a base layer. I would recommend thermals. They have actually become more popular over the past few years. They do not look at your parent’s and grandparent’s type of thermals. There are more design options and fabrics design to definitely keep you warm this winter. Next, you can put on the shirt that you were going to wear that day. Unless you like to wear a short sleeves shirt in the winter with a long sleeve shirt under it. Then, by all means, do it. If not you can just put a long sleeves shirt right on top of it. Depending on the thickness of the shirt will depict if you want to put a fleece pullover the shirt. If you are wearing a sweater over the base shirt than you will not need to put on a fleece pullover. Then add a jacket and you are good to go for the top half of your body. 

How To Dress This Winter Without Bearing Yourself In Clothes

Layer The Right Way On The Bottom

The layering for the bottom half of your body has a similar concept as for the top half of your body. You would start at a base level. It can be some type of thermals or yoga pants design to help keep your body warm, then just put on the outer layer pants and you are good to go. The best kind to wear is a sturdy pair of jeans. It will server has a windbreaker. Depending on your preferences will depict if you want to put on a middle layer. There is another option that will allow you to stay warm without wearing an excessive amount of clothes. You can purchase with snow pants or fleeced lined pants. The snow pants will help you stay dry from the elements that are outside if it has been snowing in your area.  The fleece-lined plants will keep you toasty all day. Depending on the person the fleeced layer plants may be all that you need. This how-to dress will allow you to stay warm and comfortable for the entire day until you get home. 

How To Dress This Winter Without Bearing Yourself In Clothes

Hat, Gloves, Socks, And A Scarf

Hat, gloves, socks, and a scarf is probably something that you have heard your whole life to wear. This is just a reminder to put them on they can make a difference of you being well or sick in the next few days. I like to think of hats, gloves, and scarf as a proctor of the germs outside. Many people are walking around sick and this helps with the people coughing and sneezing germs from making contact with your skin. A hat is good for other things like keeping your head warm or keeping your earbuds in place when you are listening to music. The gloves depending on the kind will keep you warm from the elements. It is one body part that gets hit by the cold air harder because there is no protection on them. Scarves can help heat escaping from the top of your jacket or coat. It can also keep your neck warm. These are probably things that you already know about in regards to how to dress your body within the winter—t is just a reminder! I don’t know about you, but I hate being sick. Socks are great to keep you warm depending on how you are wearing them. An individual would benefit not from wearing multiple pairs of socks but one good pair that keeps you warm. The best kind of socks you can own in the winter are wool socks. 

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How To Dress This Winter Without Bearing Yourself In Clothes


How to dress in boots that are guaranteed to keep you warm this winter. Pick a pair of boots that are waterproof is essential for the snow. The quickest way to get your whole body cold is to wear wet boots. It is also the quickest way of ensuring that you will get sick. Choose looks with a protective lining will be important for you this winter. It will help with eliminating your feet to get wet if your walking in the snow. The lining can also help keep your feet warm, which is important to help to keep your whole body warm. Even though wearing cute boots may be your first option, but depending on the temperature and the weather outside, sometimes fashion has to take a backseat. If you have to you can always back your stylish boots and change your shoes when you get to where you are going. 

How To Dress This Winter Without Bearing Yourself In Clothes

Do not let winter keep you from going outside or doing the things that you enjoy. You should not have to go out buried in so many clothes that you are unable to move. Tell us if you will use any of these ideas to stay warm or if there are any other tips you want to share in the comments!

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