How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Way Less

It’s no wonder why every celebrity, from musicians to our favorite actors, have the opportunity to have amazing style. If we made a million dollars for every movie we made, a million dollars for every record we put out, or a million dollars for every Instagram post we upload, we too would have amazing style. If money was no object, we would strut the streets in all designer brands with a kickass pair of shoes and a banging bag on our shoulder. But unfortunately, with bills to pay and adulting to do, spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and bags and shoes just isn’t an option for the everyday working girl. That’s not to suggest, however, that there isn’t a way to channel our favorite celebrities and find inspiration in their fashion. We can work minimum-wage jobs and pay our bills on time and still dress like Hailey, Bella, and Miley.

Dakota Johnson

If Dakota Johnson is your celebrity girl crush, you probably admire her for her laid back style. When she’s milling about, walking her dog and grabbing coffee, Dakota Johnson is the real life girl in all of us (except with a bigger paycheck). Dakota Johnson’s style is laid back: cuffed jeans, Dr. Martens, the flannel around her waist. But then there’s the blazer. This look is instantly elevated from simple grunge to grungy professional. The glasses, the delicate hoop earrings, and the red nail polish balance the outfit out. She’s not dedicated to full ’90s grunge revival, but she’s found the balance between that and being a professional style inspiration.  No matter what, you’ll have to splurge on the Docs, but with proper care they’ll last you twenty years. The sweater, the flannel, and the blazer are basics, so those should be both easy to find and relatively inexpensive pieces. Jeans range in price, but a good pair that fits like a glove might be expensive but it’s an investment. Pair this look with a cute puppy, and you’ll be meeting your Christian Grey in no time.

How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Way Less

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid fluctuates between looks that are totally impractical for the everyday fashionista and looks that we can’t help but envy. When Bella isn’t hurrying off to (NY)(P)(M)FW, she’s got the off-duty-model look down. But at $11,000 an hour for walking a runway, she can afford literally any piece of clothing, any accessory, and any shoe her heart desires. We aren’t so lucky. We’re waitresses, college students, receptionists, sales representatives at Forever 21. But we want to look as good in a cardigan as Bella does. A sweater similar to the one Bella is wearing should only cost about $20. Shop around at a thrift store, and it’ll be even cheaper. That part is easy. The jeans are baggie, yet still fit around her waist. So the jeans might be a little more challenging to find. Try a pair of vintage Levi’s. Pair this look with a faux leather purse, ’90s-style shades, a classic, easy up-do, and no bra. Bella isn’t even rocking AirPods (gasp!), so save your splurge for the denim.

How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Way Less


Zendaya has become the queen of rocking the hell out of menswear. But she wears this trend in such a feminine way that it’s no wonder she’s a celebrity girl crush to so many. Menswear is a hard look to pull off.  It takes a different type of fashion bravery to rock a baggy slack and a matching blazer. Yet, somehow, Zendaya kills it and still manages to look ultra-feminine despite being dressed in a lookalike zoot suit. It helps that she’s freeing the nipple because it’s evident she’s found a dichotomy between rocking menswear and showcasing her femininity. The tank that Zendaya is wearing is probably less than $10–and that’s for a pack of three. The pants and the blazer will be the pieces to splurge one, but even that doesn’t mean spending more than one paycheck. Check thrift stores! Blazers are usually abundant in second-hand stores, and if you can’t find a matching pinstripe pant, try plain black slacks (they go with everything!).

How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Way Less

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has experienced quite a fashion evolution, but 2019 Miley might be my favorite celebrity fashion inspo to date. She’s matured a little bit, thus her fashion sense has, as well. Not only are her outfits on point, but her obsession with gold jewelry and her betty bangs are also inspirational. Cutting bangs into your hair, that’s easy. Finding a Chanel bedazzled gold chain is not. In this outfit, Miley has donned a plain white tee and black slacks. Those are classic pieces. You can find them anywhere and in any price range. The vest and the jewelry are what really make this outfit totally Miley. Okay, I hate to keep extolling the virtues of thrift stores (well, not really), but second-hand stores are perfect for chunky gold jewelry. And it’s usually pretty cheap since it’s a few years old. They’re also perfect for vests! Vests were big in the eighties and huge in the nineties, so it’s no surprise that thrift stores often have a huge selection of vests. Find one that inspires you and that doesn’t cost a cool grand, and you’ll be the fashion inspiration.

How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Way Less

Millie Bobby Brown

From the minute Millie Bobby Brown stepped on the scene, she’s been a celebrity fashion inspiration. She’s young and, therefore, able to pull off quirky styles. And when she’s on the red carpet, her looks are gorgeous. But her street style is just as innovative. Her baker boy cap and the boots are classic accessories, and can be integrated into any outfit for a biker chick kind of vibe. Splurging on the Docs may hurt in the moment, but ten years later, when you’re still wearing them, you’ll be glad you went through with the purchase. As for the cap, you can buy a similar one at Forever 21 for pennies on the dollar. As for the rest of Millie’s outfit, it’s a simple black tee and a plaid blazer. Both easy finds. The skirt is a little more tricky because it’s obviously designer. The asymmetric design makes it harder to imitate. A simple plaid skirt, one found at H&M or Urban outfitters, will have the same effect: school girl vibes with a punk rock influence. Gossip Girl meets CBGBs.

How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Way Less

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin (Bieber) is a lover of all things oversized. She rocks oversized sweaters, jeans, jackets, and shirts. She is the queen of oversized. So much so that it doesn’t even matter what shorts or pants she’s wearing underneath. So Doc Martens are obviously a trend in celebrity lookbooks. So get over it and spend the $150! You won’t regret it. Who knows how much Hailey spent on this grungy denim jacket, but you can bet she didn’t find it in a thrift store. I’m not suggesting this exact jacket can be bought for $8 at your local second-hand store, but something similar can. And if you’re obsessed with Hailey and obsessed with this look, purchase a couple flannels, cut them up, and sew them onto your denim jacket. That’s true dedication to your favorite celebrity style, but to each their own. The plain white tee that’s poking out of the jacket, the gold hoop earrings, and the black, square-frame glasses can all be cheap buys.

How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Way Less

So what have we learned? A) Invest in a pair of Doc Martens. You won’t regret it when, in ten years, you’re still wearing the same pair. B) Check out your local thrift stores. This can be intimidating and time consuming, but if you’re patient with it, you’ll find some great pieces. And C) You don’t have to earn six figures to dress like you do. Many of these celebrities have found inspiration in vintage fashions, so you can too. Share this article with your fashion-and-celebrity obsessed friend.

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