How To Dress Like The Riverdale Characters

Riverdale characters and their respective styles are iconic, not only because of their antics on the hit Netflix show but what they’re wearing whilst they’re doing it. Here are five of some of the most iconic Riverdale characters, and how you can dress like them.

Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper, Riverdale’s resident sweetheart, has an unmistakeable girl next door vibe which matches her wardrobe. To achieve her look, tie your hair up into a high ponytail and centre your wardrobe among shades of pink. A light jumper over a collared shirt is a good staple, and you can always throw on a trench coat like she does if you’re going off to do some sleuthing. Plaid shirts are another cornerstone within Betty’s wardrobe, and she also loves a good dungarees moment. All in all, to achieve the Betty Cooper look, wear comfy clothes and subtle colours with her signature up-do, and you’ll be good to go.

How To Dress Like The Riverdale Characters

Jughead Jones

If you’re a fan of the resident Serpent leader of Riverdale, there are a few basic tips on how to achieve his look. Of course, always wearing a dark grey beanie is the best place to start as Jughead never takes his off. A grey shirt under a navy plaid shirt is another go-to look for Jughead, and one which is easily replicable, switch up the outfit by having a variety of different plaid shirts available. Jughead tends to wear very monochrome outfits, so definitely go for more neutral and achromatic tones in your wardrobe, including a classic pair of black skinny jeans. Of course, to fully dress like Jughead, you need to get yourself a roughed up leather jacket. The added toughness this brings to his outfits makes him really look like the leader of the Serpents. Try thrifting a leather jacket to achieve this look.

How To Dress Like The Riverdale Characters

Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge has an expensive fashion taste, and that’s no surprise through her family’s money and the fact that she’s running her own speakeasy whilst still in high school. This Riverdale vixen can often be seen wearing sophisticated dresses and tops in a variety of jewel tones. To dress like Veronica, go for tighter clothing which has a few accessories, like big buttons or jewelled collars, to really accentuate the outfit. In terms of makeup, a good cat-eye and dark berry toned lipstick is hands down the way to go. A good pair of heels is a necessity for anyone trying to recreate Veronica’s wardrobe, as the only time she’s really seen without them is when she’s performing with the vixens.

How To Dress Like The Riverdale Characters

Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews has perhaps one of the most simple wardrobes out of all the Riverdale characters. He typically wears quite neutral toned outfits including skinny blue jeans paired with grey and blue tops. Get yourself a collection of neutral toned tops which will go well with anything and you’re already halfway to recreating Archie’s wardrobe. However, you can’t truly dress like Archie Andrews without his classic Riverdale Bulldogs jacket. Get yourself a blue and yellow bomber jacket to recreate this iconic part to Archie’s outfits.

How To Dress Like The Riverdale Characters

Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom loves to wear her signature colour in any and all forms. To recreate Cheryl’s cherry red wardrobe, make sure you acquire lots of red skirts, plaid trousers, and basically anything cherry themed. Again, a good pair of red heels is essential here, as the only time she’s seen without them is when she’s cheerleading for the Vixens. Another good staple in Cheryl’s wardrobe which I would recommend is her bold rep lip, spend some time figuring out the best shade of red for you and wear it every day to fully embrace Cheryl’s classic look.

How To Dress Like The Riverdale Characters

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