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How To Dress Based On Your Hogwarts House

Harry Potter has made a comeback with the announcement of its new video game coming next year. With this popularity is the rise of people sharing and sorting themselves into their Hogwarts house. I, myself, am a proud Slytherin so sometimes I like to pick outfits based on my Hogwarts house. I think it’s really fun to do this from time to time so these are my tips on how to wear your house colors with pride and dress based on what Hogwarts house you’re in.



Brave, daring, and courageous are just a few ways to describe a Gryffindor. Just as they are bold in life they have to be just as bold in their dressing. The Gryffindor house colors are red and gold so their looks revolve around that. When I imagine how a Gryffindor would dress casually I picture them in a bright red jumpsuit because it’s easy to wear but bold enough that they stand out. Pair it with a gold belt to scream Gryffindor pride.


Since Slytherin is my Hogwarts house I know we are described as cunning, ambitious, and determined. Slytherins house colors are green and silver. When I picture a Slytherin dressing casually I imagine them in a basic black dress with a dark green overcoat. Some black heeled boots would be the perfect accessory to complete the look.


Ravenclaws are intelligent, wise, and creative with their house colors being blue and brown. Ravenclaws, I imagine, would typically dress the most unique out of the Hogwarts houses. Ravenclaws are the most creative of the bunch and they show that through their fashion. Wearing a flowy printed blue top over some black pants with some strappy heels is really going to tell people what house you represent. 


Loyal, kind, and honest are the best ways to describe a Hufflepuff. They are reliable and are always your best friend. With their house colors being black and yellow it’s never too hard to spot a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs outfits are going to be as flowy and cute as their personalities. A yellow floral dress with some heels is going to match a Hufflepuff perfectly.



Going to work out with a Gryffindor means you’re getting a work out buddy that is going to motivate you to do your best by competing against you at everything. Since Gryffindors want an outfit that is comfortable and easy they are going to go for a basics look when it comes to working out. Just simply wear a black sports bra and red leggings are perfect for any Gryffindor.


A Slytherin is going to compete with you as a Gryffindor would but not as in your face and boisterous. They’ll be sly because knowing they are beating you is enough for them to feel accomplished. Just a green tank top and black biker shorts are all they’ll need.


Ravenclaws are going to be keeping to themselves as they work out. They like to focus on their task so they’ll appreciate it if you work out alongside them but not with them. A Ravenclaw would wear a complete black outfit with a blue accent like blue sneakers.


Your Hufflepuff buddy is going to be the most supportive of the Hogwarts houses. They’ll lose focus on their workout because they are too busy cheering you on. They’ll be wearing a floral print tank top with yellow leggings. They are going to be as bright as their shining personalities. 



A beach day with a Gryffindor means beach sports and nonstop fun. You are never gonna be bored at the beach with a Gryffindor. They’d be wearing a cute red one-piece swimsuit with has a lower v-neck and bow. 


Slytherins at the beach is going to be the ones sunbathing or just floating around in the water. They are chill to hang out with and will probably even join in on the games they know they like. Also in a one-piece swimsuit, it’s going to be green and sleek.


The Ravenclaw at the beach is going to be the Hogwarts house that watches everyone’s belongings while they go swimming. They’ll be reading a book under the umbrella and they probably brought lunch for a beach picnic. They’ll be wearing a basic blue two-piece swimsuit and a black rashguard over top. A wide brim sunhat is going to complete their beach look.


At the beach, Hufflepuffs are going to the ones that are building sandcastles at the umbrella with Ravenclaws or splashing around in the water with Slytherin and Gryffindor. They love being around their friends and never want anyone to feel left out. They’ll be wearing a bright colored two-piece bikini with puffy sleeves. 



As a Gryffindor, they are going to be the ones at the sleepover who picks the actioned filled movie. Their favorite sleepover activity is truth or dare, and they always pick dare. They’ll be wearing a red oversized graphic tee shirt and long fuzzy socks.


Slytherins are going to pick the horror film because they enjoy the excitement and thrill. Their favorite sleepover activity is going to be playing board games like Monopoly or Pictionary. They want to be comfy with their friends so they’ll be in a cozy green sweater and sweatpants.


A Ravenclaw is all about movies that make you think, something like a documentary or a murder mystery. They are going to have the most fun at a sleepover giving their friends makeovers. They’ll be the most comfortable in a blue matching set of silk pajamas.


Hufflepuffs are going to want to watch rom-com’s to get in their feels but also have a good laugh with friends. Their favorite thing to do at a sleepover is baking yummy desserts like cookies or cupcakes. They’re going to look so cute in your themed onesie because it’s adorable and bright just like them.

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Gryffindors are hard workers and they pride themselves on getting tasks done. At work, they’re going to be the ones leading the presentations. They should wear a red pussy-bow blouse tucked into a long skirt. 


Slytherins take their work seriously and do not like being interrupted while working. They are going to be the best at guiding you at work by telling you how to do your assignments if you ever need help. Slytherins would wear a green colored suit with a black shirt underneath to look sleek and sharp.


Ravenclaws are going to be the ones coming up with all the ideas at work. Their creativity and intelligence are going to set them apart from everyone in the workforce. Try experimenting a little from your usually chic style and try something fun for work! Wear a printed dress with a blue blazer and a brown purse.


Hufflepuffs might lose focus at work but they are always going to have their work done and perfect. They work very hard to gain the approval of their boss because they respect them. As a Hufflepuff, they’ll wear a mustard-colored suit and a basic colored top underneath with some fun colored heels.



A Gryffindor at any formal event is certainly going to steal the show. You’ll know a Gryffindor walked into the party just by their outfit. Wearing an over-the-top gold dress is going to make them stand apart from the other Hogwarts house. They’ll look just like a walking trophy. 


Elegant and sleek is how a Slytherin is going to look at any formal party. They will have all eyes on them when they walk in. They’ll look the most Slytherin in their tight-fitting silver gown that is going to sparkle against the lights.


Since Ravenclaws are the most creative their dress is going to match them to a T. You’ll want to ask the Ravenclaw where they got their dress and they might have just made it themselves. To look the most Ravenclaw they’re going to want to wear an off the shoulder dark blue gown that flows out with little stars on the skirt. It’s going to make them look different from the Hogwarts houses and they love it.


Hufflepuffs are there at the party to have fun! They want a dress that is going to allow them to comfortably dance the night away but also look glamorous for photos. Try a yellow single-toned flowing dress that moves with you as you dance. They’ll be the life of the party in this beautiful gown.

What is your Hogwart House? Which of these outfits are you going to try for yourself? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can show off their Hogwarts house pride.

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