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How To Do A Gap Year Like Malia Obama Right After College

How To Do A Gap Year Like Malia Obama Right After College

How To Do A Gap Year Like Malia Obama Right After College

So, considering taking a gap year like Malia Obama right After College? Here’s my five top tips on how to make the most out of a gap year and allow it to be the most beneficial life-changing year of your life

Embrace The Gap Year Journey

Okay, so you’re taking a gap year and for some people, a gap year may feel like they are not achieving much, compared to their peers who may have just started full-time work and are working their way up in a field their passionate about. Um, so what that’s their path, not yours, instead of using this gap year to compare yourself to others, embrace the gap year and the new path that lies ahead of you. Plan out all the things you want to do and have your own personal goals you want to achieve by the end of the gap year.

How To Do A Gap Year Like Malia Obama Right After College

Discover Yourself

A gap year should be a time of self-discovery and you should make the most of it. I know that a few people choose to take a gap year because they aren’t sure what future to pursue and don’t want to just take the first job offer right after college, which they know is going to make them unhappy. In my opinion, this is an amazing decision if this why you’re considering a gap year. If so do take this gap year as a self-discovery process, take small steps in getting to know yourself. Getting to know yourself is one of the most amazing journeys and something that will assist you in making future decisions that will bring you to your true happiness.

Travel More

Now, I’ve included travel as I’ve also heard people saying they want to take a gap year to travel. All I have to say is to get packing those bags right now. Traveling is a fantastic idea to do during your gap year and educating yourself on different cultures will be the most rewarding educational experience of your life. Just remember you can always write up that resume, but you can’t relive that exact travel moment you will always treasure in your heart, go and make memories, you will love yourself for it when you look back at your life in a few years.

How To Do A Gap Year Like Malia Obama Right After College

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Invest In Yourself

I’ve talked about embracing yourself, but I also encourage that you invest in yourself. What I mean by this is put yourself first for once. Look after your health, finances, and relationships, this gap year is all about the good vibes, improving yourself and cutting out what doesn’t concern nor benefit you. So, if you plan to start yoga as it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but balancing college classes got in the way, well now that college is over and you don’t have to commit to classes you can totally attend that yoga class. Remember do what makes you happy; all that you need to focus on this year is your positive energy and working towards those future goals of yours.

Pursue Your Passions

For this one at the start of your gap year, I encourage that you Sit down and make a list of your passions, and chase them until you’re a 100 percent certain that these are the things that come to make the amazing individual that you are. Just say you really appreciate art well this gap year I encourage you to take up painting classes, go to the library and borrow books on historical art or just go to a few art showcases by yourself. Trust me its this process during the gap year that will make you so aware if not more certain of your passions and drive in life, and passion is what’s needed to pursue a future you’re going to blossom in.

How To Do A Gap Year Like Malia Obama Right After College

There you have it my top tips on how to do a gap year right after college. Know of any other ways to rock a gap year after college? I would love to hear in the comment section below.

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