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How To Develop A Less Wasteful Beauty Routine

How To Develop A Less Wasteful Beauty Routine

How To Develop A Less Wasteful Beauty Routine

The average American creates about 4.6 pounds of trash daily and less than one-quarter of that is recycled. Recently I’ve taken a hard look at my most prized possession – my beauty collection. Loofas, cotton pads, sheets masks, and an abundance of plastic bottles. This is my version self-care but it’s also incredibly wasteful. Feeling small and slightly guilty I dove into some research. If you’re a self-professed skincare addict and product hoarder like myself, then these tips are for you. It’s possible to reduce your carbon footprint without giving up your self-care routine. With a few minor adjustments, you can work towards becoming more eco-conscious.

Reusable Cotton Pads

Previously I used cotton pads to remove makeup and apply toner every day – until I realized I was going through almost 40 a week. Then I found Wegreeco make up remover pads. They’re gentle, machine washable cotton rounds that you can use up to 1,000 times. Wegreeco pads are made from bamboo fleece, so they’re super soft and safe for sensitive skin. You can purchase a 16 pack for only $10.99. Juniperseed Mercantile also sells great reusable cotton rounds. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, you’re really not giving up anything by making this sustainable switch.

Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of solid hair care – shampoo is still shampoo regardless of the packaging. Lush Cosmetics reigns supreme in this category, with a ton of great smelling, easy to use shampoo and conditioner bars. The Godiva is a jasmine scented 2-in-1 bar that will leave your hair looking super shiny. If you’re after voluminous, beachy waves then the seaweed-rich Seanik bar is for you. Lush has options for every hair type and style. They also sell a travel-friendly, reusable shampoo tin that keeps your products from melting.


Deodorant Jars

The natural deodorant brand, Schmidt’s sells its award-winning deodorant formula in reusable glass jars. Not only does this product use zero plastic, but it’s also vegan, aluminum free, paraben free, and phthalate free. It comes in rose + vanilla, lavender + sage, cedarwood + juniper, and more. Many natural deodorants have failed me in the past (looking at you Tom’s) but Schmidt’s actually works. It persisted throughout a Texas summer and that’s reason enough to believe in its abilities.

Low Waste Makeup

The bulk of my plastic products reside within my makeup drawer, today even high-end brands utilize plastic packaging. Luckily there are some eco-conscious makeup brands making strides in the industry. Fat and The Moon have created a herbal, low waste makeup line featuring eye shadows, lip colors, and a fantastic highlighter. All of the products come in small tin containers perfect for traveling and repurposing. Beam is a gorgeous, yet natural looking highlighter modeled after the moon. Wood Nymph lip paint has quickly become my go-to nude lip.

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Package Free Cleanser

I was in a very committed relationship with my facial cleanser before trying this bar. Meow Meow Tweet is a sustainable health and beauty brand with a ton of zero waste options. The active charcoal and tea tree facial bar is great for battling breakouts and providing hydration. Tea tree naturally fights bacteria while charcoal absorbs excess oil. All of their products are shipped anywhere in the U.S. using zero plastic.

Reusable Body Scrubber

Ditch your loofa, just do it. They need to be replaced every 30 days and they accumulate a gross amount of bacteria. Boie USA has a fantastic reusable, antimicrobial body scrubber that lasts 6 months. It’s also 100% recyclable and BPA free.

What eco-conscious brands do you love? Comment down below!

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