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How To Decorate Your Dorm While Not Spending A Fortune

How To Decorate Your Dorm While Not Spending A Fortune

Here are some easy and affordable ways on how to decorate your dorm. It doesnt always have to be super expensive when setting up your space for school.

Attending college is already so expensive, so you don’t want to drop a small fortune on decorating your dorm room. At the same time, you want your dorm room to be as comfortable as possible, reflect your personal style, and give you a little slice of home. To help solve this problem I have put together a list affordable decoration options that can all be purchased at Walmart or like stores. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your dorm on a budget.

1. String lights

Most dorms will come with infamous fluorescent lighting that we all hate. Fluorescent lights seem to always be too harsh and bright. one of the easiest and affordable ways on how to decorate your dorm room is to add string lights. These lights will help give the room a more comfortable feel and help spruce up the place.

2. Rugs

Some dorms are laminate floor, some are hardwoods, and some have really old carpet. Despite the kind of floors your dorm room has, a rug is great way to decorate your new home. Rugs can easily elevate the room and make your dorm feel more like an apartment. You can find relatively inexpensive rugs at Walmart and like stores that will perfectly fit your space.


3. Throw pillows

We all love a good pillow, so why not use them as decoration! Throw pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and styles for you to choose from to help how to decorate your dorm. These pillows will make your room feel more finished and more like a home.

4. Pictures

If you are really short on cash, this tip is by far the cheapest. All you need is a few of your favorite pictures of your family and friends and some string. Print out your selected pictures, attach them to the string with either tacks or clips and hang them on your wall. This is a great tip on how to decorate your dorm to fill your wall space and add a piece of yourself to the room at the same time.

5. Tapestries

Another great way to fill up your wall space is a tapestry. Pick out a tapestry that fits your personal style and color scheme and simply pick the place you want to hang it. Tapestries usually take up a decent amount of wall space so it is an awesome way to fill your room with art!


6. Wall art

The walls of a dorm room are usually the one place you cannot decorate. Universities usually will have rules on hanging things on the wall as to not damage them. A great way around this is wall art that can be hung up with painters tape. Find some posters or even maps of places you love and tape them up on the wall. This will give you a way to artistically display some decorations while not damaging the walls.

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7. Storage

Everyone knows that dorms come with minimal storage space. The tight nature of a dorm room usually points to investing in extra storage. So why not use the extra storage as a form of decoration. Select storage that goes with your dorm room aesthetic or decorate the storage yourself with pictures, string lights, fabric, etc..


8. Bulletin board

Probably the most useful decoration tip I have is to get a bulletin board. You can fill the board with pictures, art, maps, and probably most importantly, school work. A bulletin board will help you fill up wall space and give your room a space for you to keep organized and add more “you” to your home.

9. Plants

Whether you are a fake plant or a real plant kind of person, plants are a perfect idea for your dorm room. Plants won’t take up much of your limited space, add some color and light to the room, and make the room feel more home-like. If you don’t really have a green thumb, try getting a cactus!

What are you’re thoughts on how to decorate your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below!

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