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How To Decorate Your New Apartment On A Budget

How To Decorate Your New Apartment On A Budget

Moving into a brand-new apartment is never easy when entering adulthood. Especially if you just graduated from college and are living in the apartment alone, rather than sharing it with a roommate or family member. Not to mention you have to think about how you are going to decorate the place with what little money you have saved up. To help you out, here is a list of how you can decorate your new apartment on a budget.

1. Living Room

First is the living room. To decorate your new living room on a budget is not as simple as 1, 2, 3. Luckily, specific websites and online stores (Amazon, Wayfair, OfferUp, and Letgo), can help you select your living room furniture for a fairly decent price. Regarding your seating for the living room I highly recommend utilizing the website, Wayfair. Not only do you have a wider selection to choose from for loveseats and sofas, but you have a better chance of purchasing one for less than $500. Wayfair also offers a stunning selection of coffee tables, listed at unbeatable prices. Some even listed at prices below $100.How To Decorate Your New Apartment On A Budget

2. Kitchen

When it comes to decorating your kitchen on a budget, there is a lot you can do. Of course, you can always purchase your utensils, dishware, and towels in stores and on the usual websites—Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohls, JCPenney, Pier1 Imports, and Bed Bath & Beyond. However, I find it more fun to add your little flare and touch to your new kitchen by doing DIYs. There are countless DIY projects for utensil holders, glass jar labels, pallet signs to hang on the wall, canvas paintings of your favorite wine bottle or inspiring quote, and creating a coffee bar, corner, or station. You name it and you can make it. Of course, if you lack the time or crafting spirit to do a DIY project, you can always look online for kitchen décor. I recommend Etsy or Amazon.

3. Bathroom

Bathrooms are not as difficult to decorate as the other rooms. They are the easiest. All you need are a few simple things. One, a rug beside the bathtub or shower. Where you may pad your feet after finishing in the shower or relaxing in a bubble bath. Second, you need a soap dispenser on your sink. An essential item you and any guests you have over will need to wash your hands. Thirdly, you will possibly require a shower rack. A proper placement where all your essential hair products, body wash, and any other items you use while in the shower or bath. Fourthly, a bathroom is not a bathroom without towels. A hand towel to dry your hands off after washing them, and a regular towel to dry your body off after cleaning it. The last thing you will need to complete your bathroom, on a budget, is storage. Whether it is a standing over-the-toiled shelf, square cabinet, or a small standing cubicle, to store the necessary towels, spare toilet paper, soaps, lotions, and makeup in. Fortunately, many stores like Target, Walmart, Costco, and Ikea carry these products for well-reasoned prices. Less than $100, I would say.

How To Decorate Your New Apartment On A Budget

4. Hallway

After the bathroom, the hallway is the simplest room (I think) to decorate on a budget. Really. All you need are some command strips, maybe some good ole duct tape or scotch tape, and framed pictures. If you are like me, you will have countless collage-framed family pictures or canvas paintings to choose from, regarding choosing what to hang in your hallway. If you wanted to, you could even hang floating shelves in the hallway and place some pictures there. Better yet, change it up and put a small vase of flowers or a charming vintage antique to display. You have options for the hallway, and plenty of them to choose from.

5. Bedroom

Now, the bedroom is the most challenging to decorate on a budget. One of the reasons is because you will search for ideas on how to decorate your new bedroom that is in a proper apartment. You will find so many ideas that you will not know what or how to decorate your room. Trust me. You may change your mind on multiple occasions, with the color scheme, the layout of your furniture, what furniture to put in it, and how to make proper use of the provided space. And this is all before you begin the actual decorating part of your bedroom.

Once you have finished with the following above, it is time to begin. First, the wall(s). If you did not hang all your pictures in the hallway, then why not hang some on your wall? If not, then place them on a bedside table, desk, or on top of your dresser. If you are one of those people who wish to use all of the space on your wall, you could always command strip pictures, art, postcards, or signs onto it. Creating a photomontage wall of all your favorite people, places, memories, and adventures.

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Second is the window. The master bedroom in almost any and every apartment has a window. If yours does not, then that is unfortunate. For your window, you will want to use it to add or highlight some color in your room. Whether it is draping curtains for the sunlight to shed light and color into the room, hanging string lights around it to emphasize the dramatic and yet calming atmosphere the window brings to the room, or to simply place a succulent or planted flower(s) next to the window. Livening the room just a bit more. As I said, the bedroom is the most challenging.

How To Decorate Your New Apartment On A Budget

How did you decorate your apartment on a budget? Where did you purchase your furniture? If you have not already decorated your new apartment, how do you think you will do it while being on a budget? Did this list help you? Let us know in the comments below.

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