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How to Decorate Your Dorm Room Using Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs represent many aspects of our individual personalities. Each sign is defined by the time of year we are born, and our specific ruling planet’s location during that time. The planets serve in pulling out certain qualities depending on our signs. For example, Scorpios are ruled by the planet Mars which can be viewed as extremely intense, as well as energetic, driven and assertive. Sagittarius, on the other hand, are ruled by Jupiter, and are known for loving a good time, as well as having big dreams and are exceptionally intelligent in that they consistently seek higher learning. Click here to learn more about ruling planets. Drawing from general qualities true to the signs, this article aims to give you great tips, tricks and color schemes to help you in case you’re wondering how to decorate your dorm room based on your zodiac sign!


March 21—April 19

Confident, enthusiastic Aries if you’re wondering how to decorate your dorm room, you might try for bright bold colors, such as yellow, green, or possibly an accent wall. Highlights that may be attractive to Aries are gold, or colorful prints that emphasize this signs ability to take risks and show off their flair.

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April 20—May 20

Strong-willed, rooted-to-earth Taurus would do well with deep blues, purples or other soothing colors that influence calmness and serenity for the raging bull. Warm smelling candles or meaningfully created trinkets coupled with furry pillows and blankets assist Taurus in living in the ultimate indulgence.

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May 21—June 20

If the indecisive Gemini is stuck wondering how to decorate your dorm well then these quick thinking signs may enjoy a mixture of prints so that they never get bored. Try fusing polka dots and shapes as pictured for a taste of the unexpected. You may also enjoy twinkle lights or other shiny objects that are quick to catch your attention.

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June 21—July 22

Quiet, homebody Cancer would do well with real silver accents, pastels, or other light, whimsical colors. Pearly whites that resemble luxury may also please the introverted crab. As long as a loving environment surrounds the family oriented Cancer they will be able to fully relax.

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July 23—August 22

Charming and playful Leo might flock to metallic colors, and sultry prints that are sexy but not overbearing. This sign may do well in ensuring there is ample hangout space for friends as they usually enjoy hosting parties and having friends over.

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August 23—September 22

Modest, gentle Virgo may do well by adding life to their dorm room such as draping plants around to give them something to look forward to caring for. Neutral colors such as Gray, Cream, and Tan please the practical Virgo.

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September 23—October 22

Good natured, friendly Libra may take to trendy and modern looks. They usually enjoy having others over for good food, good drinks and great conversation. Libra’s may do well having music playing in the background, and a cozy nook for reading.

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October 23—November 21

Passionate and mysterious Scorpio may enjoy a place where they can be reclusive and alone—by choice, of course. Darker colors may call to the Scorpio, coupled with a modern and unique look to ease the wandering Scorpio’s mind.

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Sparkling and dreamy Sagittarius may like open spaces with moving elements such as bed post curtains or hanging lights. Organized patterns and parallel colors make the imaginative Sag content.

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December 22—January 19

Practical and responsible Capricorn enjoy a family oriented space with minimalist touches. Room for friends and organization please the upstanding Cap. Neutral colors may suite this sign best, with an added desk for personal space and arranging thoughts.

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January 20—February 18

Airy and eccentric Aquarius may gravitate towards a more elegant room look. Try adding wall patterns such as constellations to bring out the Aquarius’ natural love of magic and wonder. A vintage feel may also bring the unusual Aquarius peace.

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February 19—March 20

Trusting and compassionate Pisces may find it hard to pick one particular room style. This water sign’s emotions are ever-changing, so they may do better merging styles to keep them happy and engaged.

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Each zodiac sign is different, and even though some signs may be true to their suspected qualities, keep in mind there are also our Moon and Rising signs that should be considered. Hopefully this article gave you some interesting insight into how to decorate your dorm room!

Did we answer your question on how to decorate your dorm room? Let us know in the comment section below!

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