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How To Decorate Your Dorm Room On A Budget

Want an amazing, comfy dorm room, but don’t have a lot to spend? You can still do a lot on a budget. Here’s some inexpensive ideas to implement the next time you’re feeling creative and ready for a change. Check out these ways to decorate your dorm room on a budget.

1. Put calendar pictures on the wall.

Some calendars have some beautiful pictures. All you need is some tape and an old calendar. Instantly you have a whole collection of frame-worthy photos. Or to make it even more budget friendly, skip the frame altogether.

2. Use wrapping paper to decorate your room.

Pick out a color or pattern that goes with the essence you’re trying to achieve, and have fun with it. Wrapping paper can be great for covering up old patterns you don’t like.

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3. Dress up your outlets and light switches.

Put ribbon in a frame around them. This looks decorative and only costs the price of ribbon.

4. Place a fake or real flower in a bottle you like.

Depending on the flowers and bottle you choose, you can add some real spunk and personality to your room.

5. Display your pretty, long necklaces on your closet doorknobs, rather than hiding them away.

Alternatively, you could also display them on hooks, shelves, or a lamp.

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6. Look for unique pieces at thrift shops and discount stores.

You can find some really cool treasures if you look hard enough, and they won’t break your bank. Bonus: you’ll have a room that’s unique to you.

7. If you’re feeling especially crafty, make a decoration or piece of art for your room from scratch.

8. Splurge on a more expensive item that you really love that will tie the whole room together.

You can spend a little more on a bed set, nice piece of furniture, a tapestry, etc. and your whole room will feel spruced up and new. Plus, with all the money you will have saved from being frugal with your other decorations, you’ll have the extra money to spend on that one special piece.

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These are 8 ways to decorate your dorm room on a budget! How else can you decorate your dorm room? Comment below!
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