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How To Decorate Your Car For Comfy Hangout Sessions For Cheap

How To Decorate Your Car For Comfy Hangout Sessions For Cheap

Car decorations can make or break the experiences you and your friends will have when hanging out in vehicles. Adding these simple elements can turn your car into somewhere you have to go when there are no other places to hang out into somewhere where you will enjoy spending time with your friends!

Throw Pillows

Adding a few throw pillows in your backseat will make the entire car feel more like home to you and all of its passengers! Since the seats in cars can often get quite uncomfortable after too long, having an extra pillow for that much needed back or neck support will keep everyone in the car content and comfortable. They can also be quite nice to simply lay on your lap for an additional surface to rest your arms on.

My friend added two throw pillows to his car, which we regularly hang out in for hours, and it completely changed the vibe! Suddenly it felt more like someplace you were welcome to sit back and relax in while you chill for a while. These car decorations are some of the biggest improvements that you can make, and is as easy as a trip to Target or Walmart!

How To Decorate Your Car For Comfy Hangout Sessions For Cheap

Seat Belt Covers

If you spend the majority of your time sitting in a parked car talking or doing whatever else you prefer, you are likely not wearing your seatbelt while the car is off. However, for anyone who spends a lot of their time cruising around town, picking people up and giving them rides, running errands, or making further away trips, you know how uncomfortable the seat belt can get.

Not only will adding seat belt covers make buckling up a lot comfier, but they can also be quite stylish and make for perfect car decorations! Choose a color or theme that matches the rest of your car for a put-together and sleek look or pick up some mismatched fun designs to give the car a more unique feel! These car decorations are sure to make all the passengers instantly more happy.

How To Decorate Your Car For Comfy Hangout Sessions For Cheap

Storage Case Or Cooler

For the ultimate handy car decorations, try picking up a hanging storage case or an organizer that sits in the main console between the two front seats. There are a ton of designs based on your specific needs, but common options include additional cup holders, phone slots, small organizational sections, and more. You can also purchase a miniature cooler for the back of your seats to keep some cold water in for when you get back in the car from a fun day out.

How To Decorate Your Car For Comfy Hangout Sessions For Cheap

Invest In Good, Multi-Pronged Car Chargers

If you intend on spending a lot of time in your car, proper charges are essential. Some cars come with USB ports already installed, in which case all you need to get started is the charging cord itself! You can also purchase adaptors to turn one port into a dock for multiple USB cords to plug into.

If you only have a cigarette lighter to work with, you will need to start by getting an adapter. Simple car charges can be purchased for as little as one dollar, although there are also fast-charging options available for Samsung and Apple, as well as cute designs and multi-pronged options that allow for multiple devices to charge at once.

If you and your friends spend a lot of your time driving around, there will eventually be a fight over who gets to charge their phone first unless you have room for more than one at a time.

How To Decorate Your Car For Comfy Hangout Sessions For Cheap

Reusable Hanging Garbage Bags

While justing having a plastic bag in our cr designated for garbage is fine, you should consider investing in a more durable material hanging garbage bag. You can find options that strap on to the back of just one of the front seats or that hangs between the two over the middle console, depending on what fits your individual needs and wants. The bag itself can then be washed in a sink or wiped down whenever it gets dirty, so there is no fear of gunk building up! You can purchase a discrete, plain black bag, pick a color or design that matches your theme, or just look for anything with a cute design!

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Cup Holder Inserts

In order to keep your car from getting too messy or sticky while also adding in some additional pop, pick up some cup holder inserts to act as a mobile coaster! These fun car decorations take advantage of a space you wouldn’t normally think about decorating while also making your life a million times easier the next time that someone accidentally spills a drink or that cover just isn’t on quite right.

How To Decorate Your Car For Comfy Hangout Sessions For Cheap

Battery Operated Fairy Lights

While fairy lights traditionally plug into a three-pronged outlet in the wall, you can easily find fairy lights or other small sets of holiday lights that are battery operated. Hang a few along your ceiling and outlining your windows for car decorations that are sure to wow and excite! If you have a sunroof, outlining the cut-out with lights will make the view all the more spectacular for when you just want to kick back, relax with your feet up on the dash, and look out at the night sky.

Air Fresheners

While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, it is important not to underestimate how much a fresh, clean-smelling car can impact your experience. You may not even notice how many smells stick to your seats, building on one another.

Particularly if you get fast food a lot or smoke, you and your passengers will be thankful for the addition of a few air fresheners. The transitional hanging pine trees are a little cliche and take up a lot of space. Instead, opt for a gell insert with a clip that you can simply slide in and attach to the outside of your air vents!

Let me know what you thought of these car decorations in the comments below and please this article if you enjoyed these suggestions!

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