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How to Decorate Your Bedroom Based on Your Personality

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Based on Your Personality

There are many ways to express yourself, your personal style and your love for interiors. One of the most sacred places we have to ourselves is our own bedroom, which is the only place in the world that we can decorate exactly how we want to without anyone else’s input. There are many ways to decorate and style a bedroom based on your personality and how to stay within your budget but still express yourself in a dope way. Read on to find the best ways to decorate your bedroom based on your personality and everything you will need to let your light shine through.

If You Are Artsy…

There are many different types of artsy but if you are a person that enjoys looking at a visual but organized mess, let your creativity shine. Your room is a place of free expression so display your artwork in frames on the wall as they are or in frames. Invest in some wall tapestries or find stencils that you can paint designs directly onto your walls with. Cut out decals like butterflies or special symbols and tape them to your walls. If music is you jam, give a go at one of those record walls that you see all over Pinterest and hang string lights so they dangle over them or attach bushels of flowers around them to the wall. Get creative with tinsel and bright bold colors in your furniture and bedding like tie dye or neon. The artsy bedrooms do not have to be organized in any way because they should represent the inside of your mind and your creativity. Be bold and fun because it should be a melting pot of you.

If You Are Sporty…

If you are a more sporty and athletic type of person, there are many cool ways to decorate your room that will bring out this energetic side of you. If you have a sports icon, consider finding posters or memorabilia from this athlete that you can hang on your wall or display around your room. If you want to dedicate decorating your room based on the theme of one sport, find decor like a soccer ball or basketball bean bag or consider putting a small basketball hoop on your door to practice your shooting. If you have won many awards or trophies yourself, display these in a creative way like in a decorated trophy box or special case. Display your football helmet or college sports plaque on your wall.


If You Are Girly…

If you are a girly girl and want to show this side of you in your room, get spunky with the glitter, pink and butterflies. You are never too old to bring out your princess side. Decorate your room with pastel colors, fairy lights and a little sparkle here and there. Consider investing in a pastel pink bed spread, tufted cream headboard and furry rugs and pillows. If you want to get really fancy, get yourself something like a chandelier or baroque style light fixture. Display your favorite memories in shabby chic picture frames and put up decals of your favorite designer brands.

If You Are a Minimalist…

If you are a minimalist, stick to highlighting up to five things in your bedroom and do not make the room feel overcrowded. Start with fresh, clean white walls and stick to modern and classic picture frames. Invest in small plants and decor like a bust or tea set or a collection of small gold items. Keep neutral colors in your room so nothing looks too busy or cluttered. The decor you want to be shopping for to achieve a minimalist look are things like small wall mirrors, neutral colored books and bookends, a canvas painting or some pictures of favorite memories with your friends and family.

If You Are Into Nature…

If you are into nature, the obvious choice here would be to get some plants for your bedroom, which you can do, but there is so much more you can achieve with this vibe. If you are into hiking and camping out in the woods, maybe a projector that shows stars on the ceiling would be a cool purchase for you. Keeping everything mainly of wood is also a way to make you feel like you are out in nature. If you like boating and fishing, carving out a bookshelf into a boat might be a creative project for you and a way to highlight something you love in your bedroom. 

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If You Are Into the Polished & Glamorous Look…

If you like a clean and refined look, classic upholstery and neutral bedding are the ways to go to achieve this look. Look for a cornered headboard, matching pillows, sheer curtains and mirrored jewelry boxes or bedside tables. To add some glamorous pieces into your room add a wood carved vanity, classy chandelier or light fixture and some embellished pillows or a tufted reading chair. There are many ways to achieve a polished and glamorous look without sticking to a neutral palette. You can incorporate deep or pastel hues or make this the theme of the whole room. The key to achieving a polished and glamorous bedroom look is to keep your room clean and decorating with pieces that are not too busy.

Your bedroom is a place for decorating exactly how you want and how you want to represent yourself. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your bedroom based on your personality but the above tips for decor should get you on the right track for achieving your ideal look. The beautiful thing about interior design is that you can constantly change up your room to fit how you are feeling or what stage you are at in your life. When you are young, you may opt for a more artsy or sporty vibe and when you are older, you may want a more polished and classy look. Keep experimenting and continue to change things up. This is what makes things fresh and exciting!