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How to Decorate the Perfect Dorm Room

How to Decorate the Perfect Dorm Room

Dorm rooms can be so cold and impersonal when you first move in, so you must build the perfect room. You will want to make the ideal dorm room that you will be excited to return to after a long day. Your dorm room is your home at the end of the so you to make this new space feel as homey as possible.

1. Rug

Having a rug in your dorm room is a must! Trust me, after a long day full of classes and homework; you will want to decompress as fast as possible! Once you drop your backpack off at your desk chair, the next thing you will want to do is kick off your shoes. Imagine how nice it would feel to step on the comfort of your dorm room rug. Amazing! Because I could not imagine a worse feeling than coming back from a long day of studying and stepping on that disgusting tile floor home to so many college dorms! EWWW! This tile is usually a horrible color or, worse, a pattern. Imagine light blue, white, yellow, and cream tiles covering your dorm room floor. And most times, this tile still feels sticky from previous years and has stains. Gross! It won’t match the aesthetic of your dorm room. So, if you want the perfect dorm room, I highly recommend investing in a rug. You can buy the perfect rug from Home Goods, Target, PB Teen, Wayfair, and more. Another tip is not to buy a carpet with too much going on or a light color. I recommend something on the darker side with a simple pattern. This way, it can hide any stains you get on it throughout the semester! This is why if you want to decorate the perfect dorm room, I recommend a rug suited for your décor.
2. Posters

Bring posters! Most college dorm rooms have horrible colored walls that are off-white, yellow, and cream. Sometimes in dorm rooms, you can see marks, stains, and small plaster patches where the school has tried to hide holes. Do yourself a favor and buy plenty of posters. You can always return the ones you don’t have space for or save them for another year. You can find unique posters on Etsy, Dormify, Society6, and more. There are varying types of posters, pictures, paintings, and designs that will perfectly match the aesthetic of your new dorm room. These posters will also help brighten up your dreary dorm room. I recommend staying to a color pallet or theme when choosing signs and getting a variety of sizes. Having pretty posters in your room will help you feel more at home and may even lift your mood on days when you just aren’t feeling it. If you want to decorate the perfect dorm room, then bright posters are a must!

3. Pictures

Develop all the pictures! Find your favorite images that capture your favorite memories, vacations, and milestones from growing up. Anything from old baby pictures to your high school graduation. You will find that seeing these pictures will offer lots of comfort throughout the year at times when you find yourself feeling homesick. You can put your photos in frames and place them on your desk or dresser if you have one, or tape them to your wall and create a collage. I loved the pictures in my dorm room because they made it feel more like home and offered comfort when I needed it the most. I recommend you bring many images if you want to decorate the perfect dorm room.

4. Cushion

I highly recommend buying a cushion for your desk chair to have the perfect dorm room! Most universities provide a desk and chair in your dorm room. These are usually hard and wooden and highly uncomfortable. So go to Target, Home Goods, PB Teen, and more, and you can find the perfect chair cushion to match your dorm room aesthetic! They come in all different colors, sizes, prints, and thicknesses! You can tie or Velcro these cushions to the baths of your chair! These cushions are great because they make doing homework or your makeup more desirable on your desk chair. Adding the pillow will allow you to work at your desk without being uncomfortable. Also, it gives your friends a comfy spot to sit other than your bed in your dorm room. To decorate the perfect dorm room, you must have a seat cushion.
5. Rolling carts

Bring rolling carts for extra storage! Trust me, even if you don’t think you are bringing that much stuff, you will wish you had brought some. Universities never provide enough dressers or closet space for storage. Getting rolling carts will be helpful because you add extra clothes and keep medicine, even textbooks, if you run out of space. These rolling carts are unique. You can buy them off Amazon, Dormify, PB Teen, and more. The closets are always too small, and I am not sure what they expect students to fit into their dressers. Bring a rolling cart for extra storage, but they also come in pretty colors. Find a rolling cart that matches your bedding or picks up colors from your posters. Follow this tip. You won’t regret the extra storage, and the rolling carts look so cute and add another dimension to create the perfect dorm room!

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6. Lamp

Decorate with a lamp or two! You will need more light in your college dorm room. Often dorms only have one overhead light, maybe two if you’re lucky. Use the lamps to decorate, but they will also offer great functionality. Trust me; you will be happy you have extra light when you want it. There are so many great lamps that you can add to your room that also add to yours. Aesthetic! You can go online or in-person to pick out a lamp that will go perfectly with all of your other décor. You can find them at Home Goods, Target, Amazon, and more. You can buy a desk and regular lamps with different shades, settings, and colors. Some even come with adapters so you can charge your phone through your lamp. Lamps are the perfect addition to create the ideal dorm room!


Follow these tips to decorate the perfect dorm room.