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How to Decompress After a Long Day

How to Decompress After a Long Day

We all live busy and intense lives. After a long stressful at work, we must take time to decompress and relax. We must take care of our bodies and recuperate from living a healthy lifestyle. To prevent burnout in our lives, we must practice self-care and leave our stressful work lives at the door. Everyone finds different activities relaxing, so here are some of my favorite ways to decompress after a long day.

1. Bath/shower

Now, this is key! You must wash the long and exhausting day off you! Take a nice warm shower or draw yourself a bath with bubbles! Whatever you find most enjoyable, I recommend cleaning yourself well after a long workday! Taking a shower or bath will feel amazing on your body. Use as many or as few products as you want. I love a good body scrub and body wash. My favorite body scrub is Tree Hut, Shea Sugar Scrub flavor Moroccan Rose. Using the shea scrub removes all the dead skin on my body, making me feel so clean and rejuvenated. I love a good-smelling shampoo and conditioner as well. I love coming home and jumping in the shower unless I want to work out. But there is no better to unwind than immediately running the shower or a bath and just relaxing. I find that one of the best ways to begin to decompress after a long day starts with a nice hot shower!

2. Dinner

Food is the way to everyone’s heart. So, make sure you either meal prep, cook, or order dinner for yourself, whatever fits your schedule and is best for you and your bank account. Sometimes the thought of dinner is what gets me through a tough day! Ensure you are fueling your body after a long day in the office. Having a nice dinner with maybe a cocktail or glass of wine is the perfect way to decompress after a long day! Dinner can be a relaxing time in your day, so make sure to eat something yummy and chill out! So, start romanticizing your dinner to allow you to decompress after a long day!


3. Journal

Once you have showered and fueled your body then, you can continue to decompress. Journaling can be a lovely addition to allow you to decompress. After what could have been a long, stressful day, journaling can feel therapeutic. Journaling can enable you to unburden your feelings of the day so that you don’t have to take these feelings with you for the rest of your night and go to bed. It is a good and healthy habit to leave your stress and drain emotions in a journal. Journaling can be a long or short entry, whatever you feel in the mood for that day. Some days you may feel more in the air to write than others. Journaling is for your personal needs! I highly recommend journaling if you are trying to decompress after a long day!

4. Tv show/ movie

Sometimes to perfect way to decompress after a long day can be by turning on a mindless tv show or movie. Watching something on tv can help distract you from what could have been a draining and horrible day. We have all been there on days that weren’t your day. Sometimes the best trick to turn this around might be just turning on “The Kardashian .”Can you think of a better way to decompress after a day that might have dragged you through the mud? Because sometimes reality tv or a good movie can just transport you to a better state of mind. If you want to decompress after a long day, I highly recommend turning on a tv show and cuddling with your favorite blanket!

5. Mediate

Sometimes a good meditation can do the trick to allow you to decompress instantly. You can sit on your bed, floor, or on a comfy chair, a meditate. You can take guided meditation classes through various apps or YouTube or do your own thing. You can listen to yourself as you take deep breaths. You can set a timer so that you meditate for only two minutes or do it for as long as you want. Listening to your breathing and taking in some calm energy into your life. You can meditate as soon as you get the door from your 9-5 or take your time to settle down and do this later in the night. Mediation will force you to decompress and take a few deep breaths for yourself and allow you to relax after a long day.

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6. Workout

For some of us who like to exercise, this can be a helpful way to unwind after a long day. Working out can be as strenuous as you would like. But I sometimes enjoy a workout at the end of the day. It allows me to release stress and get energy or maybe even anger and frustration out. Your workout could be an in-studio workout at your local studio, or you can take a class from home. I love a good workout at the end of the day because it allows me to sweat and distract myself from maybe a horrible workday. Trust me. We had all been there when we returned from work and felt frustrated. Sometimes the best way to get this energy out is by working up a good sweat. So, a good workout might be crucial if you are trying to decompress at the end of a long day.

If you work a stressful job or are just trying to decompress after work, you should use some of these suggestions. We all live busy and stressful lives, so make sure you take time to recharge and refuel your mind and bodies. Showering, dinner, movies, meditation, and a good workout can change your whole mindset and allow you to decompress. This is a kind reminder that you should take some time at the end of the day and relax into the night.