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How-To Declutter Your Space For A Cleaner Room

How-To Declutter Your Space For A Cleaner Room

How-To Declutter Your Space For A Cleaner Room

We all have a little messy in us. Even those with OCD can find it hard to keep a clean area. With summer here, it is easy for your space to get cluttered. Articles of clothing tossed on the ground, bikinis laying around, makeup covering your desk; all of these things can make it hard to stay cleaned and focused. There are ways to declutter your space and make each morning a breath of fresh air rather than a horrible nightmare. It’s important not to stress over the small things and enjoy life, but if your space is too cluttered, try incorporating these tips into your life!

1. Get a Laundry Basket

For the longest time, I didn’t have a laundry basket. I figured what’s the point? All they do is take up more space that I don’t have and hold dirty clothes. Actually, they make the room look much cleaner. By throwing your dirty clothes on the floor, you are asking for a pile of smelly fabrics to accumulate. Purchase a laundry basket, put it in the corner and instantly watch the room feel decluttered!

2. Eliminate

Throw away anything that is unnecessary. If it something that hasn’t been touched, used or worn in years then toss or donate it. When things get eliminated from your space, it makes room for other things that are more important or used every day. I try to go through makeup, clothing, products, etc. at least once a month to keep things consistent.


3. Put Away Seasonal Clothes

When it’s summer, put away winter clothes. There is no need to keep them in your closet and drawers. Sweaters and cardigans are bulky and take up room that could be used for summer clothing like shorts and bathing suits. When it’s winter, do the same with summer clothes. Buy some bins from Target or Walmart and store seasonal clothes in an attic or basement. Getting them out of the way for a few months will definitely declutter your space.

4. Remove Furniture

Take a look at your space and see what furniture is necessary. If you have two dressers try to condense the two. If the TV is sitting on a stand, hang the TV up on the wall to make more room. Freeing up the floor space will result in the room feeling much bigger. The main idea of this is to have as little in your space as possible.

5. Add Shelves

Putting things on shelves instead of sitting on a desk will declutter your space. When things are hanging it just gives the illusion that there is more space in the room. Adding shelving can also be a way to decorate bare walls. There are so many cool shelves that will add an eye-catching touch. Also, it can be a way to encourage you to use more of your things. If something is in your line of vision every day chances are it’ll get some use. Try hanging perfumes instead of letting them clutter up your makeup counter.

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6. Pull Out Drawers

We all know and love the IKEA Alex drawer unit. It’s pretty to look at and also holds a lot of items. If you aren’t ready to splurge on the drawers, try purchasing the plastic ones sold on Amazon. They are just as useful as the IKEA ones and much cheaper. Having drawers that hide things like hair products, makeup, pens, and pencils, and other miscellaneous items can help declutter your space.

How do you declutter your space? Let us know in the comments!

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