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How to Cure a Hangover

How to Cure a Hangover

We have all been there on mornings where we feel brutally hungover and perhaps took too many shots that put us over the edge from the night before. If you’re in college, this could be honestly any day of the week, and if you graduated from college, this is most likely occurring on a Saturday or Sunday morning, but it is the worst when the hangover lingers all day long. So these are my top 5 tips to help combat a horrible hangover! In addition, these tips will help you get ready and excited for your next night out with friends and more shots!

1. Hydrate

The sooner you start rehydrating yourself after a night, the better you will feel. I think water and hydrating is the best way to cure a hangover. Try not to overthink it, but I would try not to stop drinking water all day! After a long night of drinking, you probably have sufficiently dehydrated yourself, so it is essential to start rehydrating yourself as soon as possible. Once you feel well enough to leave the comfort of your bed, pour yourself a glass of cold water. Suppose you had a rough night out and are dealing with a nasty hangover and are prone to getting sick the next day. In that case, I recommend keeping it simple and drinking water slowly throughout the day until you feel as though it is safe enough to start chugging water again. I would also stick to plain water. But if this is a nasty hangover and you tend not to get sick due to your hangover, then I recommend adding a straw to your glass of water because it will help you drink more water. Feel free to add lemon, cucumber, or fruit to your water to give it more flavor, which will cause you to want to drink more. You can also drink LiquidIv or Waterboy; these are packets you can add to your glass of water and dissolve into your glass. These are designed to rehydrate the body and are the perfect hangover solution, and they come in all different yummy flavors! Of course, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, or Pedialyte can also help you rehydrate after a long night out. If you are trying to combat a brutal hangover, I highly recommend rehydrating your body as soon as possible and are feeling well enough to do! Hydrating will only help you recover faster!

2. Movement

Believe it or not, some people swear by sweating out their hangovers. Technically, if you are sweating, you are removing all the toxins and alcohol from your body from the damage you did before. Of course, if you tend to get sick the next day or feel nauseous all day, this trick isn’t for you. But if you are hungover but still feel as though you’re in the clear to leave your apartment, then perhaps movement could be the perfect addition to your hangover ritual. Depending on your energy level or what you have available, this can range to whatever you feel most comfortable doing. You can go on a walk, go to your gym, lift some weight, hop on the elliptical, do a yoga class from your apartment, or take a Pilates class. It is all up to you and your current state. I would recommend not going to work out right after you wake up; I would give yourself time to ease into the day, drink water, eat food, and leave time to recap with your friends. Taking your time waking up and starting your day will give you enough time to figure out if you can handle movement hungover. Add some movement to your next hangover day and see if the theory of sweating out the toxins is beneficial for your hangover.


3. Food

Eat something satisfying! For some reason, when I wake up hungover, I always starve! It doesn’t matter if I ordered drunk Pizza with my friends at 3:30 in the morning; in still hungry. My go-to hungover meal is a nice thick, greasy bagel sandwich; to me, there is nothing more perfect! I love a good greasy breakfast hungover; give me all the bacon and hash browns! Find your perfect go-to hangover meal, whether it be pasta, a grinder, a burger, or, who knows, maybe even a salad. This hungover meal is something that will help you get out of bed! Having a go-to hangover meal is crucial to trying to cure a hangover because, honestly, after I eat something, I always feel at least a little better! I hope that you find your perfect hangover meal soon!

4. Relax

Honestly, you know the best hangover here’s I to do nothing. Sometimes you need time to gather and sit in bed all day. Sometimes a hangover is a perfect excuse to sit on your couch and do nothing. Relaxing in your hangover is an ideal opportunity to binge on your favorite TV shows and old movies. Sometimes the best hangover cure is just cuddling up on your couch!

5. Shower

Another one of my favorite hangover cures is a shower. How many times do you come home from a night out, wake up, and you can still smell the alcohol on your skin? Waking up and having the lingering smell of alcohol on my skin or hair has happened countless times, and it only worsens my hangover. So, I recommend hopping in the shower, cold or hot long or short, whatever you need, whatever you’re in the mood for. Just something to get that icky feeling of the night off your body. A lovely shower will help your hangover as you will smell tequila shots in your hair and the white cloth that’s built on your top. Rinse yourself from the night before, and you most likely feel better. A shower is one of the best hangover cures, in my opinion!

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Hey, we’ve all been there where alcohol is gotten the best of us, and we wake up the next day regretting every sip we took the night before. But I’m hopeful that some hangover tips will help you recover from your next crazy night out. Cheers!